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 European Medicine in Santa Monica

Ozone Therapy has been practised in Europe for over 100 years. 
Medical Ozone treatments had been used routinely for fighting infections in hospitals before the discovery of antibiotics in the 1920's. Most medical societies decided it was much easier to take a pill to fight infections than to administer ozone so it was mostly abandoned.

However in some countries such as Germany, Italy,Austria and Russia it has continued to be used as a valuable treatment.
It is routinely used to sterilize surgical equipment, operating rooms, and swimming pools, in America, but was mostly replaced by Big Pharma for medical treatments.

Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in medical ozone because of the emerging problem of antibiotic resistant organisms and the fear of "Super Bugs".

What Does Ozone Treat?

Medical ozone has been proven over the past 100 plus years to be very effective in treating or controlling many conditions.  Personally in my practice I have had success with stage 4 breast cancer, crohn's disease, fibromyalgia,chronic interstitial cystitis,chronic sinus infections, acne, Lyme disease, Chronic fatigue from Epstein Barr and cytomegalo virus. I have also successfully treated shingles, wounds, upper respiratory infections, ear infections and helped promote faster healing after surgery.
Many patients come in for treatments as prevention, especially before going on an airplane flight, and to help recover from jet-lag.

One of the great benefits of ozone treatments are there are no adverse side effects so common with all medications.

Sometimes I am not sure that the ozone will help a certain condition but I can confidently offer it anyway saying, "lets try it, it can't hurt".
More often than not, both the patient and I are pleasantly surprised.

Other patients come in for the High dose ozone treatments(HDO) which have been shown to boost circulating stem cells, as an anti-ageing treatment.

I have treated professional body builders and athletes, who enjoy getting an ozone treatment prior to working out, so they can work out harder and thus increase their fitness base faster.

Also, recovery from a strenuous event or competition is enhanced as well.

High Dose Ozone

I recently attended a workshop in Palo Alto presented by Dr. Johann Lahodny from Vienna,Austria.  He is a leading ozone practitioner in Europe.  He came to share with us his experience using higher dose ozone therapy than we were using here with astonishing results. Many conditions that seemed to languish and slowly improve, make dramatic leaps with the high dose therapy technique.

These are his observations using the High Dose Ozone Technique he pioneered:
High Dose Ozone therapy(HDO). Fields of application:

1. Complementary therapy in all cancers. Through direct tumoral-inhibiting effect of oxygen-ozone mixtures, by anti-tumor effect of oxygen-induced interferon production by enormous increase in immune cells and enzyme release. High doses of ozone are able to reduce both primary cancer tumors and cancer metastasis. You can achieve amazing success in late stage cancer.

HDO therapy is to be used also for all treatment-resistant chronic diseases such as psoriasis, Parkinson disease and multiple sclerosis.

2. Activation of the immune system. High Dosage Ozone produces a 10-fold increase of eosinophils (highly active immune cells) and an increase in cytotoxic T8-lymphocytes, which are also responsible for tumor cell destruction. 

3. Inflammation-related diseases. HDO action is based on a direct blockade of pro-inflammatory substances (cytokines) and massive proliferation of immune cells. Chronic sinusitis (maxillary sinusitis), sinusitis (frontal sinusitis), middle ear infections, sore throat and fever blisters experienced a rapid and permanent cure using HDO. No other therapy brings such effective aid in these chronic recurrent inflammations. Conventional medical antibiotics relief the suffering is briefly, with the disadvantage of weakening the immune system and damaging the mitochondria to the point of switching it off completely. A speedy new onset of inflammation is the result.

4. Circulatory disorders. Ozone Oxygen is the most effective circulation improvement with very rapid results. I have witnessed very impressive effects of the HDO when treating circulatory disorders in the brain, cardiovascular diseases, hair loss, macular degeneration and tinnitus.
5. Detoxifying effect. Oxygen and ozone therapy brings about a rapid excretion of toxins and heavy metals. 

6. Energy supply. A particularly current and increasing disease is the burnout syndrome (general exhaustion).  Damaged mitochondria are responsible for the fatigue. Ozone therapy assists in detoxification, rehabilitation and proliferation of mitochondria, as the mitochondria make energy from oxygen molecules.

7. Fascinating and impressive are the cosmetic effects on the face and body skin. The oxygen manages a new formation and growth of collagen and elastin in the skin. The elastine is improved by certain growth factors. These results cannot be reached to the same extent by externally applied cosmetics. HDO works better against wrinkles than any ointment combinations. Wrinkles are significantly reduced at 15 treatments - Most are after 10.
I have been doing those now in my office with equally amazing results.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas in the atmosphere.  It is generated from oxygen when it is electrified.  This happens in the atmosphere by lightening storms.(Have you ever smelled the sweetness in the air after a lightening storm?  That is Ozone)

Medical ozone generators do the same thing in a controlled chamber.  We are then able to channel that gas directly into the blood stream. 

Many conditions can be dramatically improved with 3-5 weekly treatments and then maintained by monthly treatments.

These treatments are an affordable way to have a stem cell therapy,

Complications and adverse reactions to Pharmaceuticals are the third leading cause of death in Hospitals, right behind cancer and heart attacks!

Ozone is tolerated by everyone and after hundreds of thousands of treatments worldwide there are no reported adverse side effects or reactions. 

If you need more information or specific help, Please,
Call the Office now to schedule your next appointment

And If you haven't done so, request a copy of my new Booklet, THE REDDI PLAN
A Five Step Plan for Optimal Aging


Our cosmetic oil and creams retain many of ozone's properties, at a cosmetic level. 
Ozone can:
Promote Elastin and Collagen for Healing
Prevent and reverse oxidative skin damage
Retard the aging process,make skin look younger and healthier

All Certified Organic Non-GMO Oils imported from Europe

No paraffins, no silicone,no synthetic mineral oils
No salicylic acid, No petroleum distillates


Plant Source  to promote Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Spirulina and Chlorella are digestible blue/green algaes that have been shown to have diverse healing and anti oxidant properties. In addition they can help detoxification, lower blood pressure and cholesterol as
they are a natural precursor of healthy omega 3 fatty acids. 


I hope you find some ,if not all, of the information in this newsletter helpful
I wish you all the best in Radiant Health.

Howard Liebowitz, MD
Liebowitz Longevity
Liebowitz Longevity
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