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  OZONE, A naturally occurring gas used to help cure metastatic Breast Cancer

JB is a 56 year old woman who consulted with me in September this year to help her fight off Stage four metastatic Breast cancer. 
Stage Four breast cancer means it is widely spread.  
She had noticed a breast lump and consulted her doctor who arranged for a biopsy. The results confirmed her worst fears; breast cancer. Further testing involved a PET scan to evaluate extent of spread if any. PET scans are used to determine if there are any more spots of cancer beyond the original tumor. 
Unfortunately JB's PET scan was positive for spread into the liver and bones.  This classified her as Stage Four the most widely spread type of cancer. She underwent a lumpectomy of the breast mass to evaluate what the tumor characteristics were.  It was determined that it was an estrogen receptor positive tumor. 
She was then treated with a drug that diminishes her own estrogen production, an estrogen receptor blocking drug, and a third drug to decrease the growth rate of the tumor.
She was also offered chemotherapy, however she declined.  Her oncologist told her that even with the 'chemo' she would only have about 10% chance of survival. She felt that if it wouldn't help her, why take a drug that would only contribute to her feeling worse for her last few months of life.
She and her daughters next dug into their own research as to what could possibly help.  

Ozone therapy popped up for them.

They continued their research to find an Ozone Doctor, which led them to me.

I have been doing Hyperbaric Medical Ozone Therapy for my patients for the past five years.
I met JB in mid September and started her on intensive high dose intravenous hyperbaric ozone therapy immediately twice a week.
She did very well with no adverse reactions or side effects for the next two months. 

She went back to her oncologist just last week for a repeat PET scan to evaluate the status of the cancer.

Her results were far beyond miraculous! The cancer was GONE !

Her PET SCAN WAS NORMAL.  Her doctor declared her CANCER FREE !
He said he had never seen this before.

I was even surprised.  I thought we would see smaller tumors, but I didn't expect them to be completely gone!

How could this miraculous cure not be mainstream medicine today for cancer treatment?
I really can't answer that question.  Ozone therapy has been around for almost 100 years.  It has endless amount of safety information and thousands of "cases " like this demonstrating fabulous success.  However, it still languishes in the arena of "alternative medicine" and is considered  of "unproven value". 

It is difficult to study the benefits of ozone therapy because the cost of running a controlled study is so prohibitive.  Only big Pharma drug companies have money like that, and they don't want the secret of ozone to get out!  ITS BAD FOR "CANCER BUSINESS".

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is a naturally occuring gas in the atmosphere.  It is generated from oxygen when it is electrified.  This happens in the atmosphere by lightening storms.(Have you ever smelled the sweetness in the air after a lightening storm?  That is Ozone)

Medical ozone generators do the same thing in a controlled chamber.  We are then able to channel that gas directly into the blood stream. 
THE PROPERTIES OF OZONE  are to decrease inflammation, boost the immune system and it is toxic to cancer cells, bacteria, viruses and yeast cells. The result of treatments are that the body is better able to fight off these cells and organisms.

Ozone was used routinely for fighting infections in hospitals before the discovery of antibiotics in the 1920's. Most medical societies decided it was much easier to take a pill to fight infections than to administer ozone and it was mostly abandoned.

However in some countries such as Germany and Russia it was continued as a valuable treatment. It is routinely used to sterilize surgical equipment, operating rooms, and swimming pools.

Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in medical ozone because of the emerging problem of antibiotic resistance organisms and the fear of "Super Bugs".

My mentor actually took some ozone machines to Sierra Leone and was successfully treating the Ebola Virus until he was asked to leave the country because of "political reasons".(Were the drug companies bribing corrupt government officials? )

Needless to say, this has been MY BIGGEST OZONE SUCCESS STORY.

 However, I have had many less dramatic successes and equally happy patients with illnesses,such as Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel, Chronic Interstitial Cystitis, Shingles, Fibromyalgia, and even the Common Cold.

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I hope you find some ,if not all, of the information in this newsletter helpful
I wish you all the best in Radiant Health.

Howard Liebowitz, MD
Liebowitz Longevity
Liebowitz Longevity
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