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Fresh fish perch on a wooden table

The Oceans, they are a'changin!  quickly, right before our eyes.

Our generation was brought up on the bad cholesterol = heart disease hypothesis. We were all brainwashed to take statins and lower our cholesterol or else !
We also learned how red meat was evil, and how much healthier eating fish is. We learned about the bad Omega 6 fatty acids and how the fish oil omega 3 fatty acids are so much healthier.  Well, guess what?

The same industry that is promoting ingesting more fish and fish oils is also responsible for over fishing our oceans to near extinction levels of fish.
"UN experts estimate that 30 percent of the world's fish stocks have already collapsed, and current trends project that virtually all of the fisheries in all of the oceans will be devoid of commercially viable catches by 2050". This is according to information gathered by Dr. Brian Clement in his book KILLER FISH  (I strongly recommend reading it)

There are many complicated reasons for how we have come to this brink. One of the biggest of which has been industrial pollution, and unsustainability of many fish types. This has led the big fish producers down the road of fish farming. Farmed fish are incredibly unhealthy to eat.  And unfortunately has become a major source of fish oils. Farmed fish have toxic levels of pollutants that far excede that in wild fish and according to some experts are so toxic they are not fit for human consumption.

90 % of all shrimp is farmed.

China produces 70% of all fish consumed in the world.

Half of all US imported seafood comes from farms. Farmed fish threatens to replace all traditional fishing in the wild. Salmon which is one of the most profitable farmed fish is being genetically modified to grow faster and thus increase profits.

Studies done comparing farmed fish toxins vs wild fish showed that PCB's were significantly higher in farmed fish than wild Alaskan chinook salmon. However, they also found that organically farmed Norwegian salmon had the highest concentrations of PCB's.
Consumption of elevated levels of dioxins and PCB's significantly elevates the risk of cancer.
"Although both farmed and wild salmon are sold commercially within and outside the US, the FDA has not established a tolerance or other administrative level of dioxin-like PCB's for commercially sold fish or for other foods".
This is the same FDA that is "protecting you" from getting Ozone treatments, which have never been shown to harm anyone. 

Guess who's side they are on?

This is just one chemical toxin.  There are more than 14 chemical commercial toxins known to contaminate both farmed and wild fish, in addition to mercury and radioactivity from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.

Eating fish with two or more toxins can cause a cumulative effect worse than that created by only being exposed to one pollutant. Some health advocates recommend not eating more than one fish meal per month of farmed fish and less than five per month of wild fish.

So what are we to do to get our Omega 3's that the cardiologists want us to have? They want us to eat at least two fish meals per week!

You might be surprised to know that fish DON'T PRODUCE OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS. THEY ARE ONLY PRODUCED BY PLANTS.

Small fish eat marine algae and absorb the omega 3's in the algae. Then
larger fish eat them and absorb the same omega 3's and so on up the food chain until we eat the larger fish and absorb the omega 3's they have been concentrating. 
Plant sources of Omega 3's have no risk of contamination. Of all the plant and nut sources of Omega 3's, marine algae is the richest.

So, why not cut out the "middle man' ?

Eating fish and consuming commercially produced fish oils stresses your immune system and potentially overloads you with multiple industrial toxins.There are much healthier and safer sources of omega 3 fatty acids. 

The processing of fish to produce fish oils involves mincing the entire fish.  Some fish oil capsules are generated by heat, solvents and most are exposed to air. Fish oil quickly becomes rancid when exposed to air. The terrible rancid fish smell often needs to be disguised by flavorings or encapsulation in a thick gel cap.

In addition to blue-green algae, other healthy sources for omega 3 fatty acids are flax seeds, chia seeds, spinach and walnuts.

The marine algaes Spirulina and Chlorella are natural sources of omega 3 fatty acids as well as all the essential amino acids, B vitamins,C,D,A and E and minerals.

 Chlorella works as a detoxifier,lowers cholesterol and enhances the immune system.

I have included these powerful nutrients in my Paleo Smoothie recipe printed right on the container of my Paleo Protein powder.
Get creative. Add chia seeds, flax seeds, the algaes spirulina and chlorella ,and frozen spinach to this smoothie to get a powerful array of health supporting nutrients without having to worry about toxic industrial chemical contamination.

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Plant Source Omega 3 Fatty Acid
Spirulina and Chlorella are digestible blue/green algaes that have been shown to have diverse healing and anti oxidant properties. In addition they can help detoxification, lower blood pressure and cholesterol as they are a natural source of healthy omega 3 fatty acids.  They should be part of a healthy supplement plan
They are a rich source of complete protein as well as a good source of vitamins and minerals.
They have also been shown to enhance the immune system

I hope you find some ,if not all, of the information in this newsletter helpful
I wish you all the best in Radiant Health.

Howard Liebowitz, MD
Liebowitz Longevity
Liebowitz Longevity
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