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My age has caused me to reflect. I don't know about you, but I have already experienced a number of my High School classmates passing away. Albeit seems that they are too young to have died, and it is such a tragic loss for their families, they really aren't. And, neither am I.  Next year I will be eligible for "Senior discounts". Although it is exciting to get a discount and save money doing some of the things I really enjoy, at the same time it is a very sobering fact.  "Society considers me to be so old that I am now getting special dispensation for my age". 
I joke about it with my girlfriend as we love to ski, and I tell her the ski resorts are going to lose money on me. I can out last my 23 year old son on the slopes.  That is not the norm.  If it were, ski resorts wouldn't offer discounts to 65 year olds. Maybe soon they will raise the age for senior discounts.
To reflect on this a little further, being 65 is pretty old. Especially considering from whence our genetics have evolved.  Humans in the paleolithic era (when our genetics evolved 400,000-500,000 years ago) did not live much beyond 30. Most of society in those days was organized by "teenagers".
Its amazing how far we have come in the realm of Longevity. The new 85 is the old 65. People are retiring later. They are accumulating more wealth as they live longer in good health so they can work longer. And they participate in their children's lives and their grandchildren's lives much longer. 
My Mom is 92 and still lives on her own.  Every day for her is a blessing. She tells me all the time about a friend here and there who just didn't wake up from sleep one morning.  She wants me to call her every morning just to check on her. 
And I do.

My motto is  "LIVE your ENTIRE life!"
That means make every day count. Don't take your life and your health for granted. It is a gift and a blessing. Don't wait until you are in your 90's to feel that way. And really take full advantage of your health.  Live it!  Don't just plod along day after day taking it for granted.

I love this quote from T.S.Eliot in the Elder Statesman

The Sense of Well Being! 

It's often with us when we are young,but then it's not noticed:and by the time one has grown to consciousness it comes less often


I have this quote as the signature line on my personal emails.


My new booklet, THE REDDI PLAN, spells it all out. That is one of the reasons I wrote it. It defines the work I do to help people live the most robust and fullest life they can. 

It is important to not take our good health for granted. We need to be conscious of it every day. Once it is gone it is extremely difficult to get it back, if ever.

 Many of us make time for things much less important than our health. Have you ever focused on your heart beating? It is your life. It never stops(until you do). It is an incredible organ that defines each and every one of us. And it is only one incredible organ in our amazing complicated bodies.

 You should make your health your number one priority. Without good health, nothing else is possible. Think about that for a minute. How successful would your life or your business be without good health.  With a medical disability, everything else you would want to do would be more difficult.

  I look forward to next ski season.  Not just because I will be eligible for senior discounted lift tickets, but because for me skiing is a "CELEBRATION OF LIFE".

How do YOU Celebrate your life?  
Are you making the necessary efforts to remain healthy and vibrant so you can enjoy your life to the fullest? Are you taking the necessary time to care for your health? 
Your health is your most valuable ASSET
Without good health, you have nothing!

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And If you haven't done so, request a copy of my new Booklet, THE REDDI PLAN
A Five Step Plan for Optimal Ageing

A recent study evaluating testosterone levels in men, found a direct correlation with the level of the men's vitamin D levels and their testosterone .
Low levels of vitamin D are significantly and independently associated with low levels of testosterone in otherwise healthy middle-aged men, according to a study presented at the American Urological Association 2015 Annual Meeting in New Orleans.
It is not clear exactly what the connection is, but it seems that adequate levels of vitamin D are required for men to synthesize testosterone. 
Vitamin D deficiency have been linked to low testosterone in other studies as well.

When evaluating men for their testosterone level, it is important to also check their Vitamin D level at the same time. Optimizing Vitamin D levels in men can have a significantly beneficial impact on their testosterone levels.
Vitamin D Supreme
If you are not taking Vitamin D3, you should. I almost never find adequate vitamin D levels in my patients. For most of my patients 5000 iu per day is necessary. Sometimes more.

Order your Vitamin D3 today. 5000 iu per tablet.
One per day
Spirulina and Chlorella are digestible blue/green algaes that have be shown to have diverse healing and anti oxidant properties. In addition they can help detoxification, lower blood pressure and cholesterol.  They should be part of a healthy supplement plan
They are a rich source of complete protein as well as a good source of vitamins and minerals.
They have also been shown to enhance the immune system.
I hope you find some ,if not all, of the information in this newsletter helpful
I wish you all the best in Radiant Health.

Howard Liebowitz, MD
Liebowitz Longevity
Liebowitz Longevity
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