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The Family of 

Glass Medicine Vials and botox hualuronic collagen or flu Syringe on a white background.

Injectible metabolism boosters are usually Peptides.  Peptides are chains of amino acids that mimic or boost effects of hormones in the body. 

Usually injected into a muscle once or twice per week 20-30 minutes prior to exercise for best results.


  • This amino acid plays a role in muscle building, protein synthesis, cellular energy and nitrogen donation for many metabolic processes.
  • It also helps to increase the production of HGH.



  • An HGH supplement  that helps stimulate growth hormone secretion from the anterior pituitary gland.
  • Some studies have suggested that Ornithine and Arginine given together work synergistically to increase HGH production by up to nearly 500%.(This is the formula I have in my GH Synergy Plus product)



 Shown to increase sexual performance ( a vasodilator with a mechanism similar to Viagra)

  Stimulates the secretion of growth hormone

Reduces healing time of injuries and damaged tissue

Decreases blood pressure and with L-Lysine has been shown to help control anxiety.





  • While L-Lysine itself does not actually produce HGH, it does control the hormones that encourage HGH production.


Usually injected into a muscle or under the skin once or twice per week 20-30 minutes prior to exercise for best results.







  •  a very important amino acid used by the body to breakdown fat for energy.
  • Increases the efficiency of Testosterone therapy and other androgens.

Sermorelin GHRH

Sermorelin is a peptide that replicates the terminal end of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone(GHRH) It is taken as an injection into the skin daily at bed time or 20 minutes after exercise. By stimulating the pituitary to release more of ones own natural Growth Hormone, the results can be increase in muscle mass, loss of fat, increased skin tone and a boost in energy.

herbal capsules on sage leaves on white background


Usual dose is 1 capsule 2-3 times per day
The Bergamot orange (Citrus b 
 Boosts metabolism thus helping burn fat in the body as well as improving sugar and cholesterol metabolism.

Dosage is one capsule with each meal three times per day

Helps Lower Cholesterol, burn fat and lowers blood sugar

Diabetes mellitus

Berberine has been shown to lower elevated blood glucose as effectively as metformin.


Call the office if you would like to try Sermorelin*, GAC or GOAL.  I will order these from my compounding pharmacy and they will be drop shipped directly to you. They come complete with all necessary needles,syringes and alcohol prep pads.

 I am happy to discuss these options further and teach you how to use them.


For ordering Bergamot or MetaBerine, you can go directly to my on line store.

All the Best to you .
In Radiant Health,
Dr Liebowitz
*please note to order Sermorelin you must be an active patient.

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