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  •  A recent study from Harvard involving health care professionals found that those with lower vitamin D levels were more likely to die of prostate cancer than those with higher vitamin D levels.

    Furthermore studies attempting to associate high levels of testosterone with increase incidence of prostate cancer,consistently find the opposite. Men with higher levels of testosterone tend to have healthier prostates. Even men who have had prostate cancer,do not increase the incidence of reoccurence or worsening of the condition if they take testosterone. Previous belief that testosterone made prostate cancer worse or was responsible for it was popularized and erroneously became common dogma based on data from ONE PATIENT back in 1941. This information has more recently been recognized as not accurate and has been responsible for the propagation of misleading information for many years.  There has never been a study that links testosterone with prostate cancer.

    According to Dr Abraham Morgenthaler at Harvard, Testosterone may even prove to help prevent prostate cancer.
  • Studies also indicate that
    • A diet high in animal products: Eating a lot of meat, eggs and dairy products, especially early in life, may also increase the risk of prostate cancer.

    As many of you know, I have been recommending good doses of Vitamin D as well as avoidance of Dairy and heavy animal protein  for many years.

    Men's Formula
    Men's Complete Hormone Hormone Balancing Formula
    Contains optimal amounts of Vitamin D as well as 5 alpha reductase blockers to balance testosterone plus anti oxidants Co Q 10 and resveratrol,DHEA,Vit C all B's

  • Women's Formula
    Women's Complete Hormone Formula
    Contains adequate Vitamin D,DIM, anti oxidants, Bone mineral,C and B's

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Many of my readers have asked me for access to previous Newsletter Articles.
I am happy to report that you may access previous articles by CLICKING HERE
New Study Reveals Marked Reduction in Breast,Uterine and Ovarian Cancers in users of Bio-Identical Female Hormone Pellets

Data from a 10 year study on hormone pellets for women was recently published by Dr Gino Tutera in two medical journals in Europe.
He followed 976 women for 10 years, who were receiving testosterone and estradiol pellets subcutaneously(under the skin) every 4-6 months. There was only one case of breast cancer, and one case of endometrial cancer with no ovarian cancer in this time frame.  This is dramatically lower than what one would expect in this patient population.
The conclusion from the study was that subcutaneously implanted pellets of testosterone and estradiol, do not increase the incidence of breast,uterine or ovarian cancer and may even provide some protection in reducing the risk. He further went on to say that more data is needed to evaluate if this modality could actually help prevent breast cancer.

This data is consistant with preliminary data from two other european studies of women using bioidentical hormone creams. These studies are ongoing in France and Finland and so far in 8 or 9 years there has been no increase in breast cancer in these women either.

This is very encouraging data suggesting that correct use of bio- identical post menopausal hormones makes women healthier and does not increase the incidence of breast cancer as suggested in the poorly designed Women's Health Initiative study using hormones derived from pregnant horses urine. The hormone levels attained by my patients on pellets is moderate but very stable. There is very little fluctuation of levels. This stability, I believe, is what maintains optimal body function.

Hormone pellets for women are the best way available to maintain ideal hormone levels. An estradiol and testosterone pellet is placed under the skin on the upper buttock in a simple 10 minute office procedure done with local xylocaine injection.  Progesterone is administered for only 12 days of the month by oral capsule. Pellets need to be replaced every 4-6 months as they are completely absorbed by the body and disappear.

Women on pellets feel great as they have moderate and consistent hormone levels without the inconvenience of messy creams.


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