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An Ideal way to maintain complete nutrition while reducing calories
Have a PALEO SMOOTHIE instead of a meal 

  • Helps with Weight Loss 
  • Completely VEGAN 
  • Dairy Free
  • Low Carb
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Helps Curb Cravings
  • Complete High Quality Protein derived from Peas

Protein Powder
Smoothie Recipe is printed on the label of the can.

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What's So Great About Eating PALEO?

As many of you know I am a strong advocate of the Paleo Style of eating. Notice I don't call it a "Diet". I think the word diet has a negative connotation, in that it evokes the idea that some day you will go off it, and return to your old eating habits as with most other diets. The big difference with eating Paleo as opposed to other eating plans is that it should be a permanent transformation.
As a species, humans have not genetically changed significantly in over a million years. 
Industrial agriculture and animal husbandry began approximately 10,000 years ago. This is much too recent on the evolutionary timescale for there to be any adaptation in our genome.
The result of this discordance between our ancient genes and our modern western dietary habits is DISEASE.
Our ancestors ate approximately 50% of their calories in wild animal protein, and the other 50% was plant material, fruits, nuts and tubers. Some ancient populations even ate more protein than that as they began to populate more temperate climates where plant material was not available all year long. 
The greatest change in our evolutionary diet has been consuming more protein and being less reliant on plant material.
Researchers believe this enabled our brains to develop and our guts to shorten so our bellies didn't protrude like primates, making it easier to walk upright. This distinguished us from primates and launched us off on our current genetic human platform. 
The most significant difference between the post-Agricultural age diet and the Paleo era has been the introduction of dairy products,cereals and grains,refined sugars,refined vegetable oils, and alcohol which now makes up 72% of calories of modern western diets.These materials contributed virtually zero energy calories to the pre-agricultural era diet. As modern foods replaced the calories from plant material and animal protein of the ancient hunter gatherers, dramatic shifts took place in our glycemic loads. Fatty acid composition,macro and micro nutrient densities, acid - base balance,
sodium/potassium ratio and fiber content also drastically changed. 
Research has demonstrated that these shifts in our metabolism have resulted in chronic hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia with the resultant hormonal and physiologic changes that produce insulin resistance, obesity, heart disease,hypertension,diabetes,high cholesterol,acne,gout,polycystic ovary and kidney disease as well as cancer of the breast,prostate and colon. Furthermore dairy products although low glycemic are highly hyperinsulinemic. Insulin is an extremely inflammatory hormone.So too much of it especially under these chronic conditions can be disastrous to health of the body.
Adding insult to injury is the dramatic reduction of dietary fiber in modern diets as refined foods replaced fresh vegetables and fruits. This shift results in stomach ulcers,reflux esophagitis,hemorrhoids,
appendicitis,diverticulitis,deep vein thrombosis,varicose veins,hiatal hernia and colon cancer.
Fresh fruits contain twice the fiber of whole grains. Non-starchy vegetables contain up to eight times the fiber of whole grains.

Our diets are severely depleted of fiber and overloaded with insulin raising carbs.
Diseases resulting from high insulin and insulin resistance are referred to as "diseases of civilization".

In the mean time Suggested reading
Paleo Diet Book
Paleo Cookbook


Call the office if you would like more information. 

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Growth Hormone Generator

I am excited to introduce to my patients a new approach to boosting Growth Hormone at an affordable price.
I am now offering SERMORELIN, by prescription only.
Sermorelin GHRH
Sermorelin is a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone( GHRH)
It works by causing the release of your own body's stored growth hormone from the pituitary gland. This is the best growth hormone to have.
It is administered as a "skin shot" every day at bedtime similar to actual growth hormone.
Effects on raising your own natural growth hormone are very successful. It has been used for many years for growth stunted children,so has been demonstrated to be safe.
Using it in adults is considered an "off label" use. In other words not what it was FDA approved for. However, it can be incorporated into a healthy anti aging program, if monitored and used correctly with proper medical supervision.
Cost is $285 for a 4-6 week supply for most people.
This is significantly less expensive than HGH which can usually cost $800-$1000 per month

Call the office to set up a time to discuss if Sermorelin would be a good option for you.

All my Best 
In Radiant Health
Dr Liebowitz
 Women's Health Screening

I recommend regular yearly health screenings for all women on post menopausal hormone replacement therapy 

Pelvic Ultrasound $150  Recommended yearly for women on hormone replacement with an intact uterus

Breast Thermography  $150  A good interval screening tool between the years doing a mammogram

Pap Smear  Recommended yearly for women on hormone replacement with an intact uterus
No charge when done with a pelvic ultrasound *

*Lab fee for pathology not included

Offering the most personalized Alternative Medical care integrating Hyperbaric OzoneTherapy, Intravenous Vitamins,Chelation Therapy, Detoxification Programs,Breast Thermography,Functional Medicine,optimal nutrition and Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing for Men and Women.

All My Best in Radiant Health

Howard Liebowitz,M.D.
Liebowitz Longevity Medicine


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