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Herbal Face Food  

Introducing the world's first Organic, Edible, 100% plants only skincare product with a ORAC Antioxidant rating of over 10 million (highest ever tested). Try it now for free!


The product powerfully addresses the 10 most visible signs of aging:  Wrinkles, large pores, dryness, redness, discoloration, skin tone, firmness, smoothness, radiance, brightness.  It also addresses Acne, rosacea, Psoriases, Melasma,  and Eczema.


Herbal Face Food has been recently endorsed by JoAnna Vargas, top celebrity skin guru in NYC and Dr. Kristi Funk, breast-care doctor to Angelina Jolie.


We have only 25 free 10-day trial openings remaining for JUNE 2013...hurry, they are going fast!  Each trial participant will also receive a live, personal product orientation (over the phone) with the creator of Herbal Face Food, J. Michael Zenn, author of the book, The Self Health Revolution-the only book ever endorsed by Whole Foods Markets.


Reach out to me as soon as possible and I will send you an invite if there are still openings available....thanks!

Call the office for a Free Trial Sample
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Growth Hormone Accelerator
I am finding fantastic results with this product. It is an affordable alternative to HGH.
Hormone Ordering Couldn't Be Easier
for my patients only!
 To order REFILLS of your existing hormone presciption,you can log in to my website and order refills on-line.
Go to 
click on My Hormones
in the menu bar
Password is:
(case sensitive)
Then click on the flower and you are in! 
We will process your request and ship your refills to you promptly.

FREE Conference Call NEXT Thursday June 13
 6 PM Pacific time 
We will be discussing Hormone Replacement options along with other topics of hormone balancing, menopause, men's and women's health. 
You do not have to be a patient. You can remain anonymous. Invite your friends and family. This is a uniques opportunity to speak with a  Hormone Specialist Doctor, completely free of charge!
Call in number:  (218) 862-7200
Conference Code: 
"See you" then !

Better than Botox & Filler


What's the point of feeling great and being super healthy if you don't look fantastic?  For many of us, hormones,eating correctly ,exercising regularly and taking supplements has only slight effect on our skin. 
Ageing of the skin is related to many external factors that accumulative over our life. Sun damage alone comprises the major adverse effects on our skin. Unfortunately, that is an ongoing lifelong process that is difficult to reverse. Many people rely on botox, fillers and aggressive destructive laser burning treatments to stimulate the skin to regenerate new smoother tissue.
I have recently been introduced to a new skin regenerative treatment that is as effective as the harsh laser and more natural than putting artificial filler material or toxic botox into the skin.
I was amazed at how easy this new treatment was to apply and how effective the results. 
I was given a demonstration treatment and two days later people were commenting on how I looked younger, more rested, healthier and more vibrant. People are asking me what I did.
The treatment is performed using an agent extracted from embryonic stem cells called Cytokines. 
Cytokines are the messengers that deliver information from stem cells to other cells in the body.  When imbedded into the skin they stimulate the healing cascade by upregulating the production of collagen. Collagen is the primary supporting matrix of skin. Increasing collagen is the mechanism by which skin laser treatments work. When collagen is increased,skin becomes firmer, tighter,plumper and smoother. Current techniques to stimulate collagen are based on "damaging" the deeper skin layers. Collagen is generated as part of the healing process. Lasers work by burning the precise layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production as it heals. This results in pain and significant "down time". During the healing process after a laser treatment stem cells are attracted to the damaged tissue. They release cytokines into the damaged layer instructing other cells to produce collagen and thus the tightening effect. 
The new Cytokine treatment eliminates the need for damaging the skin and goes directly to depositing the cytokines  where they are needed. A soothing cytokine impregnated mask is applied over the face for 40 minutes after a treatment to decrease inflammation and enhance cytokine absorption into the skin. After a treatment the skin appears reddened like a mild sunburn. Within 24-48 hours the redness goes away.  (I think skin laser treatments are soon going to be obsolete, and will be considered Barbaric compared to cytokines) 
 Gradually over the next 2-4 weeks the skin begins to tighten, and become more plump and full.Best results are seen with 2 or 3 repeated treatments at 4-6 week intervals for three treatments and then maintained with treatments once or twice per year.  There is virtually no down time,except protecting the skin from sun exposure,which should be done anyway. 
Now there is a more natural option for real skin rejuvenation. Avoid the toxic botox injections and the artificial implantation of filler material. Rejuvenate your skin with natural stem cell derived cytokines and look as good as you feel.
Call the office and schedule a consult with Dr. Liebowitz to discuss your options for stem cell derived Cytokine skin rejuvenation
Success Story

I love success stories!

 I saw a female patient in my office last week who I recently switched over to pellets from hormone creams. She had been complaining that she couldn't lose weight. She had the despised roll of fat around her middle(Muffin Top) where she had always been slim with a flat belly. It was very disheartening to her as she worked diligently on her diet and exercised aggresively almost every day with a trainer, or classes in pilates, yoga etc. No matter what she did, she could not melt away the fat around her middle. She had been in menopause about 4 or 5 years and had started bio identical hormone replacement at that time with transdermal creams. She noticed that since that time she seemed to be steadily putting on 3-5 pounds per year.
We discussed her hormones and decided to switch things around. 
I implanrted a testosterone pellet, and instructed her to stop her other hormones after a week.
It is now 6 weeks later and she reported back to me that she is already noticing a difference in her metabolism. She feels that her muscle tone in improving from her exercise, and she is thrilled to report that she has already lost 5 pounds. 

If you have a success story you'd like to share please email me at:
Metabolic Stimulator

Extracted from a citrus fruit that grows only in southern coastal Italy, this product has been shown to have a significant impact on lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as helping promote weight loss.




Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid): 50mg
Chromium Polynicotinate (ChormeMate): 200mcg
AlphaLipoic Acid (as thioctic acid): 25mg

Bergamot Orange (Citrus bergamia) "juice"

    (38% Polyphenolic Extract): 700 mg

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Offering the most personalized Alternative Medical care integrating Hyperbaric OzoneTherapy, Intravenous Vitamins,Chelation Therapy, Detoxification Programs,Breast Thermography,Functional Medicine,optimal nutrition and Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing for Men and Women.

All My Best in Radiant Health

Howard Liebowitz,M.D.
Liebowitz Longevity Medicine


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