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Paleo Smoothie Recipe

Liebowitz Longevity Nutrition



(Vita-Mix, Blendtec  or any powerful blender)




This smoothie is a complete nutritious meal. Have it for breakfast, and any other time later in the day for a snack or another meal. Be creative to make it tasty

 Enjoy !




2 tblspoon ground flax seed

1-2 tblspoon psyllium fiber

1-2 cups coconut water (add regular water to make it thin enough to drink)

2 coconut water ice cubes, OR

2 coconut milk ice cubes (DELETE if trying to lose weight; too much Fat)

cup frozen berries  AND / OR

1 cup fresh or Frozen veggies  (carrots, rhubarb, beets, kale, spinach, chard, apples  etc. get creative)

1-2 scoops

Paleo Smoothie Protein Formula*




Note: Add the protein powder at the end of mixing. Turn down the blender speed and  gently mix in the protein powder just prior to turning off the blender. Too vigorous blending can damage the protein.


(OPTIONAL)1-2 sachets Sun chlorella granules (or 15-20 tablets)



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I never get tired of hearing success stories from my patients. At least once a day, someone will say "I haven't felt this good in 20 years".
One of my favorite success stories comes from a female patient who I gave the Paleo Smoothie recipe to.I explained to her how it was a complete meal. That it contained a good quality protein, lots of fiber, low glycemic carbs,natural anioxidants from the green veggies and blueberries, was very filling and satisfying while being low in calories. I told her how it could work as an excellent meal replacement or snack. 
The one thing I never intended or anticipated was that it could be used as a complete weight loss diet program.
I hadn't seen this woman for about 4 months. And when she did come back to my office I didn't recognize her. She looked fantastic and completely different. I had started her on bio-identical hormones for her menopause,and had given her diet and exercise guidelines. I thought she had gone out and done a lot of cosmetic work on herself which is so common these days. 
I said to her "Wow, you look terrific, what have you been doing?"
She looked surprised, and said "Well, I just did what you told me to do. I am a very good patient. I always follow my doctors' instructions to the letter." Then she gave me a sly little smile, and said "There is ONE little thing I did that you didn't tell me to do." Ah ha ! I knew it, I said. What special diet or detox or cosmetic treatment did you do? She said," you told me that the Paleo Smoothie is a complete meal, so that is all I've been eating for the past 4 months, and I lost over 30 pounds.And, I've never felt better. My weight is now the same as when I got married 28 years and 3 kids ago."
I was absolutely amazed. Even though the smoothie is a complete meal, I never considered using it for weight loss. This woman was having two or three smoothies a day and nothing else. She was varying the ingredients so it would not be monotonous. She would use different fruit and veggie combinations. But basically kept it in line with the Low Glycemic guidelines of the Paleo Style that it was designed for. She said she was never hungry, had great energy, was exercising regularly and the weight came off effortlessly. She continues the smoothie now, but has cut it back to usually once a day. If she puts on a few pounds, she will just go on the smoothie exclusively again for a few days until she sheds the weight. She swears by it, and once again, I have learned something from one of my patients. 
Paleo Smoothie Protein Formula
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