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Recent concern has been expressed regarding the schedule of mammograms and the amount of radiation the breast is being exposed to. Recommendations have recently changed as to the frequency of mammograms because of the possibility that the amount of radiation from the prior mammogram recommendation schedule may actually increase the incidence of breast cancer. What a paradox! The very instrument designed to help reduce breast cancer, may actually increase it!  
I've been concerned about mammogram radiation exposure for a long time. ENTER , The Thermogram. Thermograms are non radiation ,screening scans based on heat detection. Inflammation produces heat. And, inflammation is a precursor of cancer. Thermograms can detect an area of inflammation that may become cancer 8-10 years earlier than a mammogram and with no radiation exposure.
An added bonus is there is no breast compression either.
Thermography can be done as frequently as needed with no increased risk of breast cancer.
I am offering this fabulous technology at a discount of only $225.(Normally $245) for a limited time. Call the office and schedule your scan. 
Your peace of mind will be well worth it.

As always, all my best, In Radiant Health
Dr. Liebowitz


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