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DECEMBER 2013   
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Kevin Reeve


  At onPoint Tactical we stay current on world-wide trends
and events.  Our unique training prepares our students, both professionals and select civilians, for an unfolding dynamic and trains them to be significant assets in extraordinary and difficult scenarios. We help them develop survival strategies based on the modern application of  proven, advanced
legendary skills.

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I look forward to seeing you in class.- Kevin Reeve

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By Kevin Reeve

I often hear the terms "Strategy" and "Tactics" used interchangeably in many situations.  In an effort to better understand the proper use of these terms, I will attempt to define and give examples of strategy and how tactics support a strategy. 

The concept of strategy comes through the long history of warfare. In a new comprehensive book on the subject, Sir Lawrence Freedman's, "STRATEGY: A History" gives us a fresh and complete look at strategy.

   ST. George, UT     FEB 6-8 


Students will focus on winter Scout skills, including snow shelters, winter survival, and winter movement. The course will also focus on counter tracking in snow, hunting and trapping in winter, snow camouflage, and a host of other skills Scouts may need to be effective in winter.

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St. George, UT     FEB 6-8



Los Angeles   DEC 12-14
Atlanta     JAN 9-11
 Las Vegas   JAN 17-19
San Jose   FEB 20-22
Salt Lake City      MAR 6-8
Los Angeles   APR 10-12
Seattle   APR 24-26
 Houston  MAY 22-24
Chicago   JUN 12-14 


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Our premier class,  Urban Escape & Evasion takes you into the heart of darkness.  Kidnapping has become a profitable business around the world, and the threat of finding yourself caught in the chaos of a city in crisis is even more relevant. 

Graduates of the Urban E&E class have a sense of confidence knowing they have unique skills that will serve them in a variety of urban scenarios, including:
* a natural disaster,
* loss of civility,
* terrorist attack,
* kidnapping,
* criminal activity, and many other situations.  

Students will learn:
* how to evade a mob,
* how to find water & food in an urban wasteland,
* how to escape unlawful custody,
* how to read the concentric rings of the urban baseline, and much more.

This class is ideal for the domestic or international traveler, aide workers, students, contractors, military, and law enforcement.

Read more, register early and save .... 

"This class was better than my entire college education" - Neil Strauss, author of the NYT's bestseller Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life.

2013-14 SCHEDULE


Dec 12-14         Urban Escape & Evasion   Los Angeles, CA

Jan 9-11            Urban Escape & Evasion  Atlanta, GA
Jan 17-19          Urban Escape & Evasion  Las Vegas, NV

Feb 5                 Land Navigation  St. George, UT
Feb 6-8              Winter Survival  St. George, UT
Feb 20-22          Urban Escape & Evasion, San Jose, CA

Mar 5                 Land Navigation, Salt Lake City
Mar 6-8              Urban Escape & Evasion, Salt Lake City
Mar 17-19           Scout,  St. George, UT
Mar 20-22           Advanced Scout,  St. George, UT

Apr 7-9               Bugging Out,    Los Angeles, CA
April 10-12          Urban Escape & Evasion, Los Angeles
April 24-26          Urban Escape & Evasion,  Seattle, WA

May 8-10             Scout,  St. George, UT  
May 22-24           Urban Escape & Evasion,  Houston, TX

Jun 12-14            Urban Escape & Evasion, Chicago, IL
Jun 26-28            Pursuit Tracking, Counter, Anti-tracking
                           St. George, UT

Visit our website for class descriptions and registration:


Los Angeles     APR 7-9


Students will learn the order of priorities for survival and travel during a social breakdown that will accompany almost any disaster. There will be detailed discussions on gear, what is truly necessary and what is fantasy. Shelter, water, fire, food, packs, protection and security, emergency signaling and communication, medical, trading and bartering, land navigation and more will be discussed.  Final exercise includes skill testing on the move. 

Click for registration and details:
Los Angeles    APR 7-9


 St. George, UT    FEB  5
Salt Lake City     MAR 5


Students will learn how to navigate using a map and compass. This decidedly low-tech approach will teach the skills necessary to survive as a Scout without the latest technology.

Students will learn how to follow an azimuth, locate their position, and plan a route. In addition, students will learn survival navigation that will allow them to follow an azimuth without a compass. It is surprising how few people actually know these basic yet invaluable, potentially life-saving outdoor skills

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Survival Mantra

 "Strategy is not long-term planning, precisely because you're dealing with other willful human beings."

- Lawrence Freedman,
"Strategy: A History" 


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