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February 2013  
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Kevin Reeve


  At onPoint Tactical we stay current on world-wide trends
and events.  Our unique training prepares our students, both professionals and select civilians, for an unfolding dynamic and trains them to be significant assets in extraordinary and difficult scenarios. We help them develop survival strategies based on the modern application of  proven, advanced
legendary skills.

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I look forward to seeing you in class.- Kevin Reeve

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Escape & Evasion

Los Angeles, CA       MAR 7-9   
Advanced urban Survival  




ADVANCED URBAN Escape & Evasion includes a strong emphasis on the manufacture of improvised tools and equipment from scavenged materials.  


This course will add new skills to the Urban Escape & Evasion graduate but will primarily focus on field applications.  


You will learn how to make useful E & E tools, then spend time scavenging the urban area, finding the materials needed, and actually manufacturing them.  


In addition, students will be required to obtain food, water, and shelter and remain overnight in the city. They will need to avoid capture by a team of hunters, and they will be required to complete several tests or scenarios that will require advanced students to truly apply their Scout and urban survival skills.   


The Ultimate Survival Experience bar none, don't miss it. 


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MAR 4-6
APR 25-27
MAY 23-25
JUN 6-8



Our premier class,  Urban Escape & Evasion takes you into the heart of darkness.  Kidnapping has become a profitable business around the world, and the threat of finding yourself caught in the chaos of a city in crisis is even more relevant. 

Graduates of the Urban E&E class have a sense of confidence knowing they have unique skills that will serve them in a variety of urban scenarios, including:
* a natural disaster,
* loss of civility,
* terrorist attack,
* kidnapping,
* criminal activity, and many other situations.  

Students will learn:
* how to evade a mob,
* how to find water & food in an urban wasteland,
* how to escape unlawful custody,
* how to read the concentric rings of the urban baseline, and much more.

This class is ideal for the domestic or international traveler, aide workers, students, contractors, military, and law enforcement.

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"This class was better than my entire college education" - Neil Strauss, author of the NYT's bestseller Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life.

Wilderness Survival
followed by
Survival Trek

 St. George, UT     MAR 18-20
 Survival Trek     MAR 21-23


Wilderness Survival covers the basics of survival:

The idea of walking into the wilderness and surviving without support is an ideal of the American frontier.  There have been many in our history who have accomplished this.  Now you can learn the same skills necessary to survive in the wilderness. 

You will learn:

*  How to make several types of shelter best
     adapted to your environment,  
*  How to find and purifying water,  
*  Several methods for making and maintaining fire,  
*  Methods for trapping, hunting and gathering as a
     means to finding and preparing food.
*  Cordage making,
*  Navigation
*  Tool making.

With over 15 years of wilderness survival educational training, we've created an exceptional and unique event. Immediately following is a 3-day application phase in Dixie National Forest. Sign up for both classes and save $150+. Call to pay.  609-668-5384.  Look forward to seeing you in class. - Kevin Reeve 

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  Pine Barrens,  NJ     May 19


Students will learn how to navigate using a map and compass. This decidedly low-tech approach will teach the skills necessary to survive as a Scout without the latest technology.

Students will learn how to follow an azimuth, locate their position, and plan a route. In addition, students will learn survival navigation that will allow them to follow an azimuth without a compass. It is surprising how few people actually know these basic yet invaluable, potentially life-saving outdoor skills

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Feb 6          Land Navigation
Feb 7-9       Winter Scout/Survival 
                  (Near St George, Pine Valley@7000 ft)
Feb 18-20   Urban Survival St George, UT
Feb 21-21   Off-Grid Medicine St George, UT

Mar 4-6       Urban Escape & Evasion  Los Angeles
Mar 7-9       Advanced Urban E&E Los Angeles
Mar 18-20    Wilderness Survival  St George, UT
Mar 21-23    Survival Trek   St. George, UT

April 8-10     Scout  St George, UT
April 11-13   Advanced Scout  St George, UT
April 25-27   Urban Escape & Evasion  Atlanta

May 6-8       Flint Knapping Workshop St George, UT
May 9-11      Bow Making Workshop St George, UT
May 20-22    Scout New Jersey
May 23-25    Urban Escape & Evasion  NJ/Philly

June 3-5      Surviving Deadly Contact  Indiana
June 6-8      Urban Escape & Evasion  Chicago
June 17-19   Private Class by invitation
June 20-22   Art of Camouflage St George, UT

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Survival Mantra

Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.
-  Stephen Covey 

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$25 off each class. 

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April 1, 2013
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