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Late January 2015   


mise-en-place; the art of preparing to cook...

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It's the middle of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and we've been running around with pop-up bookstores all over town.

Not exactly the best time to have your website go a screaming heap!  If you have been trying to email us or use our website since Tuesday 3rd March - you've probably been unable to get through.


After a number of promises of "She'll be right in a jiffy" we've been advised that the hardware behind the website & a number of backups has been fatally corrupted...


Our email is back up and running but the website & online store has apparently now (in the immortal words of Monty Python )  


"ceased to exist. It has expired and gone to meet it's m

aker. It's a late parrot"  



We have email confirmations of website orders placed to date and will be in touch in relation to any outstanding orders...


Meanwhile - we're temporarily going back to being an old-fashioned bricks & mortar this newsletter will be a very short one! 

We have however one amazing event this week that you shouldn't miss

Author Event: Bitter - a conversation with Jennifer McLagan - Thursday 12 March

Bitter by Jennifer McLagan
by Jennifer McLagan

Thursday 12 March

Where: Books for Cooks (at Birdman Eating) 228 Gertrude St Fitzroy

Price: $60 (includes a signed copy of Bitter, tastes drinks, conversation & more)

Bookings: online with   Eventbrite



This March, one of our favourite authors, Jennifer McLagan returns with a new book on one of our least understood flavours.


Sparked from memories of eating white grapefruit as a child, Jennifer's idea has developed into an intricate exploration into the bitter taste experience.


The world of the unused and under-loved ingredient is Jennifer's speciality, and with Bitter she opens up your imagination to the most misunderstood of foods. Her book will not only help you to discover the delights of the radicchio or the dandelion, but show how you can use them to enhance the much sweeter palate we've come to depend upon.


Bitter takes you on a journey through the broad range of the bitter scale, from the subtle to the very bitter as well as a few ingredients that will surprise you.


Accompanied with various titbits on the history and science behind these flavours, Jennifer's book brings you an astounding array of beautiful recipes that will entice even the most sweet-toothed to give them a try.


Although based in Toronto, Jennifer will briefly be in Melbourne and we're excited to be able to host an evening with her.


We'll be chatting to Jennifer about the unusual discoveries she made writing Bitter as well as exploring the world of bitter tastes, tasting a range of recipes from the book



Jennifer McLagan is a Melbourne expat cook and food writer with a highly developed taste  and interest in the less mainstream areas of food and cooking.  Having worked in prestigious kitchens from Melbourne to London, including Prue Leith's highly regarded restaurant, she now presents at various festivals and writes regularly for magazines such as Food & Drink and Fine Cooking.


Her first two books, Cooking on the Bone and Fat, were multi-award winning with Fat being named the James Beard Foundation's Cookbook of the Year 2009. Her third book, The Odd Bits is one of our favourite books on offal and unused parts.


Jennifer now resides both in Paris and Toronto with her husband.

Please join us!





As soon as the website is back up & running we'll be back with a detailed newsletter about recent releases

Happy Cooking, Reading & Eating!


Tim & Amanda

Books for Cooks