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  Late September 2013 

Dinner with Rick Stein

mis-en-place; the art of preparing to cook...

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Book Dinner | 9 October
Rick Stein
Matt Wilkinson

One of the titles we are really excited about this month is the release of Rick Stein's long awaited autobiography Under a Mackerel Sky

Rick Stein is one of our favourite 'TV chefs' and over the years we have had several wonderful lunches with him as new books have been published.

We're extremely proud to be hosting Rick for the Melbourne launch of his new book and doubly excited to be doing so with our other 'favourite Pom' Matt Wilkinson at Pope Joan!

Dinner with Rick Stein will be at Pope Joan on 9 October (details below)

If you don't know much about Rick, there is a lot more to him than what you may have seen on television - read on below for a hint of some of the stories he has to tell.


And if you don't know much about Pope Joan, suffice to say, with Matt Wilkinson at the helm, one of our favourite places for a meal - more below as well. 







Dinner with Rick Stein 'Under the Mackerel Sky 9 October
Under a Mackerel Sky $34.95
Under a Mackerel Sky by Rick Stein $34.95


Rick Stein will be joining us for dinner on Wednesday 9 October for the Melbourne launch of his new book.


We've asked one of our favourite local 'Poms' Matt Wilkinson of Pope Joan to put together a grand dinner to celebrate the occasion.


Both Matt and Rick are champions of local produce and artisanal food heroes'.    


Matt is busy putting together a terrific 4 course menu from his all time favourite Rick Stein recipes; and it promises to be a wonderful evening.

Menu: 4 courses, drinks included

Price: $90 per person

When: 7.30pm Wednesday 9 October

Where: Pope Joan 77-79 Nicholson St Brunswick East


To book: call Pope Joan on (03) 9388 8858


If you are interested in coming, we suggest you book quickly as places are limited and we expect they will sell out fast.


If you can't attend but would like a signed copy of any of Rick's books please contact us 






Rick Stein

Rick Stein
Rick Stein (copyright Juliana Johnston)



Rick Stein's formative years in the 50s were shaped by the Oxfordshire farm where he was raised and his family's much loved holiday home in Cornwall.  


His parents were charming, intelligent and gregarious; the five children much loved and given the kind of freedom typical of the time.  School was fun; the holidays, as he grew older, filled with loud and lively parties in his parents' Cornish barn.  There are tales of fishing trips with his father and memories of his mother's cooking, the taste of which he says he is still trying to recreate today.

Fishing off the rocks we never caught much more than wrasse and pollack.  The wrasse were gorgeously coloured; deep red, orange, yellow and sometimes green or golden-hued, they tasted of nothing. The pollack were always the same colour, a silver belly and brown back and large dark blue eyes. My dad and I would take the fish back to the house where the wrasse were treated with little enthusiasm by my mother. She left them till they were starting to smell, I think to make me feel better about it, then threw them out into the springy cliff grass for the gulls.  The pollack she made into fish cakes, often with mackerel, which were everpresent due to the almost daily boatfishing trips.  All the cooking I've ever done since is in some way an attempt to recapture some of the flavours of the cooking at home when I was a boy. Those pollack fish cakes with mashed potatoes, parsley, salt, pepper and dazzlingly fresh mackerel, just put under the grill with a sprig of fennel, are still the best I've ever eaten.

But ever-present was the unpredictable mood of his bi-polar father, with Rick frequently the focus of his anger and sadness. His father's suicide when Rick was 18 precipitated his escape for two years to Australia.


Working in an abattoir and on the railways, he struggled to find his place in the world. but life began to change when, following his graduation from Oxford, he set up first a mobile disco called the Purple Tiger and then a nightclub in Padstow which catered largely for tanked-up, aggressive fishermen.   


After one fight too many, the police closed him down but a clerical error meant that their licence to serve food still stood. Success followed hopelessness, and his hugely impressive career as a restaurateur and entrepreneur was followed by those of broadcaster, food champion and writer.


Rick Stein's passion for using good-quality local produce and his talent for creating delicious flavour combinations in his books and restaurant have won him a host of awards, accolades and fans.  As well as presenting a number of television series, he has published many best-selling cookery books, including  Rick Stein's Seafood,  French Odyssey,  Coast to Coast, Far Eastern Odyssey, Spain and most recently Rick Stein's India.


Rick is a firm supporter of sustainable farming and fishing techniques, which he strives to maintain in Padstow, Cornwall where he runs four acclaimed restaurants and a seafood cookery school, as well as a delicatessen and patisserie.


In 2003 Rick was awarded an OBE for services to West Country tourism.  He divides his time between Padstow and Australia (the NSW South coast) where he opened a restaurant, Rick Stein at Bannisters, in 2009.



Matt Wilkinson @ Pope Joan
Pope JoanPope Joan is one of our local heroes that somehow skirts being typecast as a cafe or a restaurant or a bar - but manages to be all three at the same time.

Matt Wilkinson, (ex Circa - 2 hats) is the co-owner with Ben Foster.  Matt is an ex-pat Yorkshireman, supporter of Barnsley United, larriken, seriously good chef and champion of Australian artisanal producers and seasonal produce. 

The provenance of all his ingredients is first rate and carefully chosen; whether from the kitchen garden at the rear or from a list of who's who of the best of Victoria's producers and farmers.

Matt's interest and dedication to seasonality is apparent in his beautiful award winning cookbook Mr Wilkinson's Favourite Vegetables

A recent review by The Age Good Food sums it up for us  - "honest, intelligent cooking that lets top-quality ingredients take the spotlight without drawing too much attention to the kitchen."


We hope you can join us for dinner!



Tim & Amanda

Books for Cooks