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Clipping Wireless Access Points on the Ceiling Grid
An already-booming global WiFi market is expected to show tremendous growth over the next five years. Businesses, small and large alike, are increasingly expected to provide a reliable WiFi connection for the more than 7 billion mobile devices currently in use. That number is expected to grow to over 11 billion by 2020, an average of 1.5 devices per capita. With such high demand, wireless access points are now a necessary feature of a building's environment.

The default method for installing these access points is simply to clip them on to the ceiling grid or rail, as seen in the pictures below.

Although the ceiling-mounted location is ideal from a wireless coverage standpoint, the unfinished appearance is becoming less acceptable to building owners, architects, and installers. In addition to aesthetics concern, this installation method is not secure, and in some facilities is not acceptable. This installation method requires the data cable to be run into the plenum space by poking a "mouse-hole" through the tile or lifting the ceiling tile enough to push the cable through, leaving a gap. This hole or gap violates Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) procedures, making this approach unsuitable for healthcare facilities. The access points may also be easily stolen or damaged, as they are freely exposed hanging from the grid.

End users, building owners and property managers, architects, and even installers are demanding that access points be integrated in a more professional, secure, and aesthetic manner.

Oberon offers low-cost, easy-to-install mount kits to suit all of these demands.



Oberon's Models 1040 and 1044 install much like recessed lighting. As seen in the images below, a back-box is placed above the ceiling, and a cutout is made in the existing ceiling panel or tile. The access point (AP) attaches to the provided AP-specific trim and bracket, which is then pulled into the back box and flush against the ceiling. Once installed, only the front face of the access point is exposed, providing streamlined aesthetics, ideal wireless performance, and added physical security.

Model 1040-CCOAP for Cloud, Canopy, or Panel Ceilings

 Model 1044-AP225 for Suspended Ceilings


Oberon's Models 1042 and 1043 install much like recessed lighting in hard lid areas. A cutout is made in the existing ceiling, and the back-box is recessed and fastened into the ceiling. The access point (AP) is attached to the provided AP-specific trim piece and bracket, which is then fastened to the installed back box, and flush against the ceiling. Once installed, only the front face of the access point is visible, providing streamlined aesthetics, ideal wireless performance, and added physical security.

Model 1042 is for old construction or remodeling environments. Model 1043 includes installation hardware for new construction environments. Both have a solid, fire stopped back-box for ceilings with a fire rating.
Model 1043-CCOAP for Hard Ceilings, New Construction

All models of Oberon's economical ceiling mount kits feature AP-specific trim pieces for leading enterprise AP vendors. The trim is interchangeable after installation, allowing future AP migrations and upgrades.
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