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Taking cues from architectural lighting, new access point mounts install in the ceiling,
much like recessed lighting.

Oberon Model 1044
Shown with standard, AP-specific trim
Exploded view of Model 1044

The ceiling is an ideal location for mounting access points, however, different ceiling tile styles and finishes present a challenge to the installer to create an aesthetic, professional installation. With Oberon's Model 1044, a cutout is made in the ceiling tile tracing the shape of the access point. A galvanized steel back-box is placed above the ceiling tile, and a white trim is placed around the access point. The access point is attached to a universal mounting T-bar which is pressed into the back-box for a finished recessed look. 
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1006 Series

Many WAP manufacturers recommend WAPs be mounted in a horizontal orientation. Secure APs from most manufacturers in areas where wall mounting may be required, such as residence halls, hotels, and other hard lid venues. The WAP is partially recessed into the right-angle bracket, exposing only the antenna face of the AP. Conduit, raceways, and cable can be terminated in the bracket. The WAP can be locked in place using the manufacturer's locking features.
Model 1006-AP325 
Model 1006-AP225
1013 Series

2-axis Articulating wall mount for most manufacturers' WAPs and directive (or patch) antennas on pillars and walls. WAP and directional antenna attach to this mount, and the antenna can be pointed in any direction to achieve desired wireless coverage. Wall mount bracket can be placed directly over data outlet. Designed for Cisco and Aruba Networks WAPS and directive  antenna, and many other vendors' WAPs. Ideal for classrooms, auditoriums, and stadiums where directional coverage is required.
Model 1013-00  
Model 1013-COVER
includes paintable vanity cover 
1016 Series

Non-metallic enclosure secures and protects WAPs, wireless routers, and multiple networking components in offices, hotels, retail locations and other indoor venues. This rugged polycarbonate plastic enclosure is virtually transparent to wireless signals so WAPs with integrated antennas or small detachable antennas may be protected. The box can be mounted directly over the telecom outlet, and power strip and cabling can be neatly concealed. Cable raceway or conduit can be conveniently terminated.  For a translucent door, choose the "-C" model. 
Model 1016 with AP324  
Model 1016 with AP224
1046 Series

Economical, locking 2' x 2' suspended ceiling tile enclosure mounts and secures WAPs flush to the ceiling. The interchangeable door simplifies access point and antenna moves, adds, and changes without lifting ceiling tiles. Access points can be mounted in the door or inside the enclosure with the configurations with the ABS dome. "-T" version matches tegular ceiling tiles used in recessed grids. Specify -T version for professional, aesthetic installation in recessed grid ceilings.
Model 1016 with AP325
Aesthetic options for recessed grid suspended ceiling tiles
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