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NEW Blog: Oberon Professional WiFi Installation Solutions

The default method for installing wireless access points (APs) is clipping them onto the ceiling grid or rail. Mounting the AP in the ceiling is ideal from a wireless coverage standpoint, but having the AP hanging off the grid is becoming less acceptable as it appears to be an "unfinished" installation. Many end users, building owners, architects, and, quite frankly, installers, are demanding a more professional, secure, and aesthetic wireless AP installation.  Read more now! 
New Mounting Solutions for Cisco® Hyperlocation Antennas

As companies seek to gather better data for optimizing operations, understanding customer dynamics, and presenting customized marketing content, location tracking is quickly becoming a key component of the network equation.  The Cisco® Hyperlocation Module, winner of the Best of Interop 2015, precisely locates personal mobile devices, inventory, and other items using multiple wireless access points for triangulation.  Read more about this Cisco® solution here.

Oberon's new solution for securely mounting your Cisco® Hyperlocation Module makes installation easy.   Achieve the ideal horizontal placement in suspended ceilings or on walls.  
1047-HLA / 1047-HLA-T (for recessed grid ceilings)

Suspended Ceiling Wireless Access Point Enclosure 
for Cisco® Hyperlocation Antennas 

Locking, 2' x 2' suspended ceiling tile enclosure mounts and secures wireless access point and DAS remote units with non-detachable or internal antennas. This steel enclosure replaces a standard ceiling tile, and its larger back-box is suitable for larger access points and antennas. The interchangeable door simplifies access point and antenna changes. Access points can be mounted in the door or inside the enclosure with the configurations with the dome.

Bracket Accessory for Cisco® Hyperlocation Antennas

This accessory is designed to permit the Cisco access point and Hyperlocation Antenna to be mounted on Oberon's 1008, 1009, 1010, and 1011 Right-Angle Brackets. These right-angle brackets mount and secure the AP and antenna in the preferred horizontal orientation. The 39-HLA-PLATE attaches directly to the Oberon right-angle bracket and permits the larger Cisco AP and antenna to be mounted in any direction, as required for proper angle of arrival performance. 

   Compatible with these Right-Angle Brackets:
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