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Wireless Access Point Mounting Solutions for Healthcare Environments

A healthcare facility's top objective is to protect patients, and this includes protection from airborne infectious disease. Dust, mold, and spores found in the space above a suspended ceiling, or within walls, are components of airborne infectious disease. Patients, in particular surgery and immuno-compromised patients, should be protected from these components of airborne infectious disease.

Poking holes through, or lifting, ceiling tiles to pass antennas or cables is not acceptable in hospitals, as these openings in the ceiling readily pass dust and spores. Wireless access points should be mounted in an enclosure which permits access to the equipment, and connection to the data cable, without lifting or penetrating the suspended ceiling.
Stop the gap in Healthcare Wi-Fi
Oberon Model 1044 Series
Recessed Installation Kit for Wireless Access Points

Recommended for Healthcare Facilities,
Education, Retail, and Other Large-Scale Installations

Model 1044 is an economical, aesthetic, and easy-to-install suspended ceiling mounting kit for wireless access points from most vendors. The WAP recesses into the ceiling tile and the trim creates a professional finished appearance. The WAP is recessed in the preferred ceiling orientation much like a recessed light fixture, providing ideal, unobstructed wireless coverage. Access point trim can be easily swapped out for new trim if the WAP brand or model is changed in the future.

Model 1044

The 1044 Series is designed to sit on top of ceiling tile panels which do form a barrier between the room space and the plenum space. The 1044 is comprised of a tile bridge/back-box, an adjustable-depth bracket, an AP-specific trim piece, hanger wire, and fire stop grommet.

Oberon's New 104X Series Guide  
Security, Aesthetics, and Convenience  
in Any Type of Building Environment 
Oberon's new 104X Series wireless access point mounting solutions provide a cost-effective solution sought by wireless and cabling professionals.  End customers demand installations which secure the wireless equipment, provide superior wireless performance, and more importantly than ever, do not degrade the appearance of architecturally sensitive ceilings and walls.  
104X Series -  Understanding the Options 

Installing Wi-Fi in a Campus Environment
 Oberon President Scott D. Thompson
Published in the July/August issue of ICT Today, the official trade journal of BICSI

Article by Oberon President Scott D. Thompson

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