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Economical Wi-Fi Access Point Ceiling Installation Kits
Many times installers and integrators are asked to install access points in the ceiling to achieve optimal wireless coverage. But then they are asked to make the access points somehow disappear for aesthetic reasons!
New! Oberon's new Models 1043 and 1044 are simple, low-cost installation kits for most vendors' Wi-Fi access points. These are ideal for enterprise deployments sensitive to cost, but still demanding aesthetics, performance, and code compliance.

These new products install like recessed lighting, with the access point partially recessed in the ceiling, leaving only the antenna face exposed. A metal back-box with firestop cable egress kit fills in the opening in the ceiling. A white, powder-coated trim fills in the opening around the access point.

These installation kits are ideal for:
  • Public school e-rate funded Wi-Fi
  • Retail and hospitality Wi-Fi
  • Public venue hotspots

Model 1043 Recessed Hard Ceiling Installation Kit
Simple 4 step installation procedure:

  1. Make cutout in ceiling for back-box
  2. Fasten back box in ceiling or joist
  3. Fasten access point to trim (trim available for most leading access points)
  4. Fasten trim to box

The white, powder-coated trim neatly covers the cutout in the ceiling.


Model 1043  Model 1043 exploded view


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Model 1044 Suspended Ceiling Installation Kit 
 Simple 4-step installation procedure:

  1. Cutout ceiling tile using trim as a template, place tile back in ceiling
  2. Place back-box and tile bridge on top of ceiling tile
  3. Place trim on access point, attach AP to universal T-bar bracket (trim available for most leading access points)
  4. Press T-bar bracket and access point into place, against ceiling tile

 The white, powder-coated trim neatly covers the cutout in the ceiling tile. 



Model 1044 Model 1043 exploded view   


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