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Oberon Model 1016
Large Surface Mount Non-metallic Lock Box for WAPS- White 
Model 1016
This non-metallic enclosure is designed to secure and protect Wi-Fi access points, wireless routers, and multiple networking components in offices, hotels, retail locations, and other indoor venues.

The rugged polycarbonate plastic enclosure is virtually transparent to wireless signals so access points with integrated antennas or small detachable antennas may be protected.

Model 1016


This enclosure's curved cover is aesthetically pleasing. The box can be mounted directly over the telecommunication outlet, and power strip and cabling can be neatly concealed. Cable raceway or conduit can be conveniently terminated.



Positioning a Wireless Router and Other Networking Components with Oberon's 1016 Wireless Network Cabinet


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FCC targets $5 Billion to Create Robust Wi-Fi in Schools

t's right - Billion with a capital B.
The FCC is taking steps to modernize E-rate and, in July 2014, ordered an additional $2 Billion over the next two years for Wi-Fi build-out in schools, followed by $1 Billion a year for three years.

Recognizing that students and teachers are more dependent than ever on personal mobile devices, the FCC is moving to promote and fund ubiquitous Wi-Fi in schools and libraries. They need a robust Wi-Fi network that will deliver all of the multimedia instruction and programming required for the future.

Are you prepared to help build your local school's Wi-Fi infrastructure? See Oberon's complete line of products designed to secure and protect Wi-Fi access points in schools at www.oberonwireless.com

Oberon Model 1012
Right Angle Bracket- with WAP Lock, Cover, and Sidewalls
Model 1012
This right-angle wall mounting bracket has a receiver plate which locks the WAP into place. The cover and sidewalls conceal cabling, and it can be placed directly over the data outlet. Quickly install and lock the WAP in the preferred horizontal orientation.

The receiver plate is designed for Cisco and Aruba Networks WAPs, and many other vendors' WAPs. 3-position lock unlocks the cover first, and then the WAP receiver plate. White powder-coated steel. Ideal for installation in hard lid environments such as classrooms and residence halls, where additional physical security is required.

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Oberon Model 1013
Articulating WAP and Antenna Wall Mount
Model 1013
The Wi-Fi access point and directional antenna are attached to this articulating wall mount, and the antenna can be pointed in any direction to achieve desired wireless coverage. This 2-axis articulating wall mount bracket can be placed directly over data outlet. Designed for Cisco and Aruba Networks WAPS, and many other vendors' WAPs. Ideal for classrooms, auditoriums, and stadiums where directional coverage is required.

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