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NEW!  Model 1068 
  Universal Wireless Access Point Locking Ceiling Mount

Oberon's Model 1068-00 universal wireless access point ceiling mount is designed to provide a secure, convenient, and aesthetic mounting solution for most vendors' wireless access points and DAS remote access units. 
This aesthetic, white powder coated steel 2' x 2' ceiling tile-like mount locks the access point in place with a patent pending locking mechanism. The access point is attached to a universal receiver plate, and the plate is locked in place into the ceiling tile mount. 


Access point moves, adds, and changes can be performed without removing the mount from the ceiling. No ceiling tile cuts are required for installation. The mount simplifies ICRA procedure compliance in hospital environments.  


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Model 1068

  Model 1028
  NEMA 4 Ceiling & Wall Enclosures for 
  Public Safety Wireless Equipment 

During emergencies such as fires, a sprinkler system can wreak havoc on communications equipment and interfere with the vital transfer of information when it is most needed. Cellular equipment and wireless access points that can be kept dry and sealed becomes an especially important asset, allowing for emergency calls and wireless public service notifications to reach their destinations.


To address the issue of communications safety and performance when water is present, Oberon has merged its popular lines of ceiling enclosures for wireless access points and its line of NEMA-rated indoor/outdoor enclosures to create a new indoor, water-tight enclosure.  


For suspended ceilings (Model 1028-08-ANT5-F): 
Model 1028-08-ANT5-BModel 1028-08-ANT5-B


For hard-lid wall and ceiling applications (Model 1028-08-ANT5-B):

Model 1028-08-ANT5-FModel 1028-08-ANT5-F


This aesthetic, white powder-coated water and dust-proof enclosure has knockouts in the hinged door for ceiling-mounted antennas or watertight bulkhead connectors for antennas. The watertight enclosure is designed to withstand high pressure spray and washdown, making it especially suitable for use in healthcare facilities, labratories, and other places where contact with water may occur.


The Model 1028s are deep enough to accommodate the Cisco 3600/3700 Aironet Series and other large wireless access points and DAS remote access units with external connectors and up to five antennas.


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Oberon expands nationwide representation 

Oberon President Scott D. Thompson
Scott D. Thompson
If you have been receiving our newsletter for awhile - thank you! - you've probably noticed that we introduce new products and product lines frequently.  Our customer's needs are varied and changing, and discussions often lead to new and better ways to add value, flexibility, convenience, and security to our enclosure and mounting products.  As the telecommunications market evolves, so does Oberon.

Communication and discovering our client's changing needs has always been a core driver of Oberon's sustained growth.  Recent additions to our staff and representatives give us even more ways to stay in touch.   
  • Alicia Lutz (née Howe) has been promoted to Sales Manager.
  • Will Heckman has joined Oberon as a Customer Service Representative & Marketing Administrator. Manufacturer Reps map July 2014  
  • Jeff Doyle became Oberon's National Sales Director in February, and is working with our greatly-expanded, nationwide group of Manufacturer's Representatives.

 We all look forward to hearing from you about upcoming projects, whether you are looking for a custom solution or simply the best product for your next installation. 

Scott D. Thompson    

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