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  Special Edition: Education 

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Wireless Networks in Education

Oberon President Scott D. Thompson
Thinking about upgrading your wireless network to 802.11ac this summer? Consider improving the physical protection, convenience, and aesthetics using Oberon's secure wireless enclosures and mounting solutions. This article discusses the following topics
-          Installation in residence halls 
-          Access point density in classrooms and auditoriums 
-          Installation in stadiums and outdoor venues 
-          Installation in historical buildings 
-          Protecting Apple TV and Projectors in classrooms 
-          Special considerations for University hospitals and medical centers 
-          Wireless site survey 
-          Cabling for wireless

Enclosures for a Wide Variety 
of Campus Applications 

Ceiling-Mounted Universal Access Point Enclosures


Oberon's ceiling-mounted wireless access point enclosures are ideal for conveniently and aesthetically securing WAPs in suspended ceiling environments. This series accommodates WAPs from most vendors.

Oberon Model 1077-AP225
NEW Model 1077-AP225 
Ideal for use in:

Wall-Mounted Wireless Access Point Enclosures

Oberon's 102X and 103X series wall-mounted wireless access point locking mounts are ideal for conveniently and aesthetically securing WAPs on or in walls. This series accommodates WAPs from most vendors.


Model 1015
Model 1015
Ideal for use in:  
  • Classrooms
  • Residence halls
  • Administrative buildings  

Surface Mount Wall & Hard Ceiling Wireless Access Point Enclosures & Mounts 
Indoor/Outdoor NEMA Wireless Access Point Enclosures

These enclosures are designed to permit convenient and secure mounting of the access point in difficult or outdoor environments. Some of these enclosures include a universal mounting plate for access points from many vendors, "keyed alike" locks, and egress points for bulkhead mounted antennas and conduit. The enclosures are designed to the UL50 standard for enclosure integrity. With proper egress point seals, the enclosures are NEMA 4 compliant for water and dust resistance.


Model 1024
Model 1024
Ideal for use in:  
  • Stadiums
  • Labs  
  • Outdoor common areas  
  • Challenging environments 
Multimedia in Classrooms
Wondering what types of mounting solutions are available for your selected wireless access point, network switch, or DAS?  We've updated our list of recommended enclosures for many of the most popular wireless components.  It's a great place to start!


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Enclosure Finder

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