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Special Edition: Healthcare Industry

Wireless Networks in Healthcare


Installation in Hospitals creates unique challenges, including satisfying

Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) procedures and TIA-1179 Healthcare Facility Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard
Oberon President Scott D. Thompson
According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is estimated that in 2002 there were 1.7 million Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) in the U.S. This resulted in an estimated nearly 99,000 deaths, costing up to $45 billion that year.  It is estimated that the cost to treat each HAI is now $40,000 to $60,000, with the costs of treatment falling on the hospital or facility where the infection occurred.

Airborne Infectious Diseases are contributors to HAIs. Certain Airborne Infectious Diseases are associated with the spread of dust and nuclei from the space above the ceiling, behind the wall, and from construction, renovation, and maintenance activities. These include the fungal spore Aspergillus, other mold spores, and airborne bacteria. These diseases can be fatal, particularly to patients with compromised immune systems. A comprehensive environmental plan to address HAIs must include controlling the source and spread of Airborne Infectious Disease.

Oberon invites you to learn more about specific issues that can arise from common placements of wireless access points.  We will cover ICRA guidelines and TIA standards related to installation of wireless equipment in healthcare facilities, and discuss how Oberon enclosures designed to help you meet these standards can simplify compliance issues in the healthcare industry.

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Protect Wireless Networks While Simplifying Compliance 

Enclosures can simplify Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) compliance. By moving the Wireless AP inside the enclosure, it can be accessed without breaching the space above the suspended ceiling. 
Oberon Model 1052-00 with 4 Oberon ZDUAL Wi-Fi antennas mounted on the door
Oberon Model 1052-00 with 4 Oberon ZDUAL Wi-Fi antennas mounted on the door
Oberon Model 1059-00 with impact resistant, UL ABS door

Oberon's 105X series ceiling mounted wireless access point enclosures are ideal for conveniently and aesthetically securing WAPs in suspended ceiling environments. This series accommodates WAPs from most vendors.   


  • 2' x 2' locking ceiling tile enclosure; fits into standard suspended ceiling systems
  • Attractive, white, powder-coated finish
  • ULŪ Listed; designed to NECŪ paragraphs 300.22 and 23 for use in plenum space
  • OSHPD Approved
  • Interchangeable doors permit simple migration to new WAPs, antennas and technologies



  • Simplify NEC Code compliance; plenum-rated enclosures eliminate poke-throughs in ceiling tiles
  • Simplify compliance with Infection Control Risk
  • Assessment (ICRA) procedures in health care
  • Simplify regulation compliance (PCI in retail FIPS in federal government)
  • Aesthetic, professional installation
  • Minimize wireless downtime and interruptions  

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Additional Protection for Key Healthcare Facilities Environments 

Operating Rooms (ORs), Protective Environments (PEs), Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) rooms, pharmacies and labs may have special requirements to maintain the differential air pressure envelope, or provide for washdown.

Sealed against water and dust intrusion, the Model 1058-08 is designed to NEMA 4 standards for use in these types of environments.

  Oberon Model 1058-08   


The Model 1058-08 is a suspended ceiling enclosure designed to protect wireless access points, DAS remote units, and public safety equipment with detachable antennas. This aesthetic, white powder-coated water and dust-proof steel enclosure has knockouts in the hinged door for ceiling-mounted antennas or watertight bulkhead connectors for antennas. The watertight enclosure is designed to withstand high pressure spray and washdown.


The Model 1058-08 is deep enough to accommodate the Cisco 3600/3700 Aironet Series and other large wireless access points and DAS remote access units with external connectors and up to five antennas.


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Wondering what types of mounting solutions are available for your selected wireless access point, network switch, or DAS?  We've updated our list of recommended enclosures for many of the most popular wireless components.  It's a great place to start!


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