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Thank you for making 2013 great!
Oberon President Scott D. Thompson
This year, as in each year since our founding in 1999, Oberon has experienced strong and steady growth, introducing a number of new products (often at the request of and with the collaboration of our clients). We appreciate our customers and newsletter subscribers tremendously, and look forward to bringing you more great products and our best customer service in 2014.

Best wishes for Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Scott D. Thompson
President, Oberon, Inc. 
Using Oberon's 1020 Series Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Enclosures in
   Stadium and High Density WiFi  
Stadiums, sports arenas, concert halls, auditoriums, forums, and other large public venues are launching Wi-Fi services to provide audience members with internet access and applications specific to the entertainment.
    • Real time game statistics
    • Video
    • On-line interactive programs
    • Course content
    • Vendor order fulfillment information
  Many service providers (SPs) are trying to offload mobile data traffic to Wi-Fi networks to reduce the burden on their cellular networks in public venues. Wi-Fi offers a lot more reusable bandwidth (especially in the 5 GHz band) than the SPs can offer through their cellular bands. In many cases, Wi-Fi is the only reasonable solution for mobile data services in these venues due to the density and bandwidth requirements of the users. Design, integration and installation in these larger facilities creates a unique challenge due to the overall facility size, shape, and density of users.
Oberon Model 1024 NEMA 4 Wireless access point enclosure
Oberon Introduces Watertight Wireless Enclosures for Critical Wireless Equipment

Sealed against water and dust intrusion, the Model 1058-08 is designed to NEMA 4 standards

When wireless, DAS, and other networking gear is critical to public safety, Oberon's new Model 1058-08 protects essential wireless infrastructure in a convenient and aesthetic mounting solution. 

  Oberon Model 1058-08   


The Model 1058-08 is a suspended ceiling enclosure designed to protect wireless access points, DAS remote units, and public safety equipment with detachable antennas. This aesthetic, white powder-coated water and dust-proof steel enclosure has knockouts in the hinged door for ceiling-mounted antennas or watertight bulkhead connectors for antennas. The watertight enclosure is designed to withstand high pressure spray and washdown.


The Model 1058-08 is deep enough to accommodate the Cisco 3600/3700 Aironet Series and other large wireless access points and DAS remote access units with external connectors and up to five antennas.


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Wondering what types of mounting solutions are available for your selected wireless access point, network switch, or DAS?  We've updated our list of recommended enclosures for many of the most popular wireless components.  It's a great place to start!


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