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Ring in a Healthier New Year for Your Customers with Tea
Almond Delight
Fall into delicious seasonal offerings like Almond Delight!


Your customers are thirsty for a new year full of possibilities. Many of them are looking for ways to stay healthier, more focused and relaxed in 2014. 


January is also National Hot Tea Month, a perfect time to make sure you're spotlighting the health benefits of tea every chance you get. 


Whatever your customers' resolutions for 2014 are, tea can help! Here are some suggestions on what to recommend to help them meet their goals. 


"I want to get more sleep."

Getting a good amount of sleep every night is one of the easiest (and enjoyable) ways to improve health.  But with a hectic schedule, it can be hard to get to bed on time. Chamomile can serve as an all natural sleep aid that doesn't leave your customer's feeling groggy in the morning. 


"I want to ditch sugary drinks."

For those with an insatiable sweet tooth, a fruity blend like our  Pina Colada Tisane is delicious and healthy substitute for sugary drinks. Meanwhile, customers that prefer earthier flavors with a hint of sweetness, should have a great  honey dispenser handy. Honey isn't just a great way to avoid refined sugar, it also has its own great health benefits.


"I want to stay focused and relaxed."

If you thought chamomile was the only tea known for stress relief, think again. A component of green tea, L-theanine, has been shown to have a calming effect on the body and mind. Other studies have linked green tea to improved memory


"I want to drink more water and stay hydrated."

There are plenty of reasons to resolve to drink enough water during the day. Loose leaf tea is a cheap, easy and healthy way to hydrate while exploring an almost endless assortment of flavors and varieties. Here's an  indispensable accessory for making sure your customers always have loose leaf tea wherever they go. 

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Check out great ideas for your social strategy from Social Sonar

Planning to grow your business through social media this year? Make sure these resolutions from Social Sonar are at the top of your list. 
"Lofty propositions won't get you anywhere without a plan. 
If you're resolving to improve your social strategy in 2014, it's important to break that proposition down into bite size pieces. Here are some recommendations for realistic propositions that'll boost your approach to social media in 2014."

Tea Trend Watch: 
Reading the Tea Leaves for 2014
Earl Grey Special
Our Earl Grey Special can be used for culinary creations or a creative cocktail

If you think last year was big for tea, get ready for 2014! 


CBS News picked tea as one of its hottest food trends for 2014 saying that the tea craze in the US is set to get even bigger this year. 


Meanwhile, NPR and McCormick's Flavor Forecast  point to tea popping up in recipes for appetizers, entrees and desserts. To give you an idea of tea's versatility in the kitchen, check out some of these recipes


Another big trend brewing for 2014? Many are predicting this could be the 'Year of Gin.' It could be a great time to brush up on your mixology and discover recipes like this Earl Grey Infused Gin Cocktail


What trends do you have your eye on this year? Are you stocked up to make sure you can meet your customer's needs? 

Thanks for sharing your love of tea.

Let us know if there is something you'd like to see in the newsletters for the upcoming months.

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