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3 Reasons to Drink More Tea in 2014

Ready to take on another year? While you're hatching grand schemes for 2014, don't forget that some of the best things you can do for yourself are also the simplest and most enjoyable. Resolving to drink more tea (or making it your mission to turn others on to the wonders of a loose leaf brew) might just be the easiest resolution to keep this year. Here are three reasons to put the kettle on more often in 2014. 
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1. Stay Hydrated

Looking for an easy way to stay healthier in the new year? There are plenty of reasons to resolve to drink enough water during the day. 


2. Ditch Sugary Drinks

Tea is a great alternative to sugary drinks. If you're resolving to eliminate super sweet juices or soda from your diet this year, tea offers a healthy replacement that still satisfies your desire for something full of flavor.


3. Unwind and Relax

Have you promised yourself to make relaxation a part of your daily routine in 2014? Taking a moment to meditate, unwind or just slow down to collect your thoughts can have long lasting effects on your health. Tea can be a great aid in your quest for a bit more zen in your life.


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Become a Tea Expert this Year with 
Two New "Tea 101" Classes

Ready to hit the books? Neither are we! But we don't mind going back to school when we're dealing with our favorite subject: tea! We've got two new sessions of our Tea 101 series coming up. Don't miss out on a chance to become a tea expert in 2014 and get a head start on impressing your friends!

Tea 101 on January 18th at 1pm 
$10 per guest
Call (402) 393-7070 to make a reservation

Tea 101 on January 19th at 1pm
$10 per guest
Call (402) 932-3933 to make a reservation

Tea 101 at The Tea Smith on January 18th and 19th
Ready to get schooled? Join us on January 18th and 19th for Tea 101 

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