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If you're stuck in a rut when it comes to trying new things, why not jumpstart your usual routine with an adventurous loose leaf selection? From our Expedition series come two Georgian teas. The first is Georgian Cultured Lady, a smooth and lightly sweetened blend that's sure to pique the interest of your palette. For something a little smokier and complex, try out our Georgian Caravan Black Tea. Looking for something extra special? We have a limited stock of Royal Tajiri Kenyan Black Tea. Get in while you still can!
Georgian Cultured Lady
Georgian Cultured Lady
Georgian Caravan Black Tea
Georgian Caravan Black Tea

Zoom In: Organic Moroccan Mint Tea 


Did you know that in North Africa, tea is used to serve guests, make them feel at home, and fuel lively conversations? It's even an important part of hashing out business deals. Learn more about our invigorating and aromatic Moroccan Mint tea, how it's prepared and the best way to enjoy this versatile blend year- round by checking out our brand new video. 


Organic Moroccan Mint Final
Organic Moroccan Mint Final


More Chances to Get Proper
With Afternoon Teas

Thank you to everyone who came out for our first Proper Afternoon Tea of the fall season on September 18th! It was a prim, proper and fun time filled with fine teas, tasty snacks and great guests. 


If you missed out on our first tea-- great news! We've got a few more dates left for you to join us. 


Proper Tea
Thanks to everyone who came out for our first Proper Afternoon Tea of the season. See you at the next one!



Register now for any of the following Dates!


October 16, 22 and 23   
November 12 13, 19 and 20

Featuring an array of sweets, savories and baked treats prepared 

by Chef Jillian Mahl, paired with teas from The Tea Smith. 

Cost is $25 per guest  Reservations required.
402 932 3933

Historic Old Market 1118 Howard. 
Guests will be promptly seated at 2:00 pm


Could a new brew help promote health in the developing world?

Just when you thought that we had discovered every last dreg of tea's medicinal properties, a new initiative promises to show that a little cuppa could go a long way. A new project, now backed by funding from the British government, is exploring ways in which tea could save lives around the world, particularly in developing nations where access to good healthcare is still limited in many places.


The particular type of tea that lead researcher Dr. Levente Diosady 

and his team are working on, is a specially fortified iron-rich brew 

that has the potential to improve the survival rates of newborn infants and expectant mothers in every corner of the globe. If it's successful, the tea could be an important tool in dealing with diseases like anemia.


 Read more at our blog >

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