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You're Cordially Invited to a 
Proper Afternoon Tea


You don't have to be the Dowager Countess to appreciate a fresh cup of fine tea brewed the right way along with traditional foods properly prepared.  That's why your friends at The Tea Smith are hosting an Afternoon Tea for you and your friends to enjoy! Join the party this upcoming September 18th and 24th at 2:00 p.m. at our Old Market location.



Proper Afternoon Tea
You're Invited

We're excited to be featuring tasty treats from local chef Jillian Mal from The Green Bowl Project. A graduate of the French Culinary Institute of New York City, Jillian brings years of experience from the restaurant world to share. She's well-versed in classical cuisine and passionate about health and nutrition.


What's on the menu? Delicious tea sandwiches, savories like spinach and mushroom tarts, classic scones, cakes with apricot jam and fresh cream, and tasty sweets like ginger biscuits to round things out. You'll love what Jillian's selected to pair up with a sampling of some of The Tea Smith's finest brews.


The cost is $25 per guest, service starts at 2pm, reservations are on a first come first served basis.  Call 402 932 3933 for your seat.

Thanks for sharing your love of tea.

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Tim Smith, Chief Leaf
The Tea Smith, L.L.C.

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