Video: Sencha Shin Ryoku explained, Alzheimer's + green tea,
fun new infusers, and 2nd flush Darjeelings.
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Zooming in on Sencha Shin Ryoku


Japan is known for distinctive green teas. Contrary to popular belief, they're really all quite different from one another. Sencha Shin Ryoku is a particularly good Spring tea and one of Japan's finest Senchas. In our new video, we share some reasons why it should be part of your tea collection. 

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Sencha Shin Ryoku
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Green tea could help boost your brain power.


If you've been drinking your green tea (and faithfully following our blog), you probably remember we shared news about a study linking green tea to improved brain functions in Alzheimer's patients a while ago. Since then, there have been some exciting developments, with more scientists chiming in to share what they've discovered about the connection between green tea and memory.


What once seemed like folk wisdom has been slowly turning into a mountain of evidence and now, no less than four different studies are pointing towards green tea's potential for helping Alzheimer's patients! 


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Can you believe it's already August? We're already more than halfway through the year! Most of us have had our nose so close to the grindstone that we haven't even noticed time fly by. 
Time to take a breather, step back and remember to have some fun with these brand new tea accessories!

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It's that time of the year. Second flush Darjeelings are coming to a cup near you. Our Darjeeling Goomtee 2nd Flush is smooth and sweet. It comes from one of the top Darjeeling estates and is organic, too! Darjeeling 2nd Flush Thurbo Estate is another great selection a fine representation of the complexity and character that one expects from Darjeeling. Make sure you give both a try!


Darjeeling 2nd FLush Thurbo Estate FTGFOP1
Darjeeling 2nd Flush Thurbo Estate 
Darjeeling, Goomtee 2nd Flush
Darjeeling, Goomtee 2nd Flush
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