Join us tonight for original artwork by two talented local artists. 
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First Friday Artwalk Featuring: 
Jasmyn Krueger and Jacob Wichert


Join us tonight to celebrate two talented new artists on the First Friday Artwalk.

I find beauty in the minutest details and am content with dreaming up my own positive view of the world... My art has a focus of human nature and the tendency of attachment to the things in this world, as well as my longing to understand myself and my desire for perfection." 

- Jasmyn Krueger
"Transparent Eye" by Jacob Wichert 2012
(Still in the working at time of this photo)

"My art reflects the embodiment and discovery of the complexities of the subjective mind with its joys and inevitable shortcommings. Understanding the epistemological and ontological underpinnings of our culture and human race fascinates me but so does tearing it all apart into a meaninglessness oblivion."
-Jacob Wichert

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