Summer Blends are Here, Chamomile Tea and the Big C, World Tea Expo
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Summer Blends are Here
Summer time fun with Emerald Green Sun
Steep your summer in fun with Emerald Sun
Summer is upon us, and that means turning a page in our ever-changing catalogue to bring you a new batch of seasonal blends.

For fans of white tea, you can't do better than this Subtle Strawberry White Tea. Its fruity fragrance and flavor won't hit you over the head with sweetness. A great choice for customers who like their tea iced during the hot months.

Looking for something surprising that will brighten up the palette of even the most jaded regulars? Put on a pot of our Emerald Sun Green Tea Blend. It's a green tea with a twist of citrus, sweet and spice. 

Don't forget, June is National Iced Tea Month! So stock up on great options to brew over ice and don't forget these essential steps to becoming a master of iced tea. 

Chamomile and the Big C

Eastern Chamomile
Relax and improve health with this Eastern Chamomile

Why stock chamomile? There's a reason it's a crowd favorite. It's a delicious decaf option that makes for a great nightcap. It's great hot or on ice, helps reduce stress, and can settle your stomach if you're feeling nauseated. 


Loose leaf chamomile, like the three varieties we're carrying, is easy on the eyes, too. There's something special about brewing these little dried up flower heads, whether they come with a bit of lemon-flavored pick-me-up, a refreshing touch of mint, or a more traditional variety.


Now, a new report suggests there may be even more good reasons to make sure your next order includes a healthy helping of chamomile. According to researchers from Ohio State University, a chemical found in chamomile may have the ability to severely limit the lifespan of breast cancer cells.


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Pack Your Bags for Vegas
We're on our way to Vegas for the World Tea Expo (June 7-9), for the biggest event our industry has to offer. 
This year, our own Chief Leaf Tim Smith will be leading a seminar that's all about Oolong, the Under-discovered Tea. What happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay there when it comes tea. We'll be sending live updates from the floor, so make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with all the exciting news! 
World Tea Expo
See you in Vegas!
The expo will feature a business bootcamp, fresh new trends in tea, exciting new products, and even some friendly competition from the best in the business. Last year, Tim was awarded the title of Top Tea Infusionist. Who'll take the title this year? 
Hope to see lots of friendly faces there (including YOU)! For first timers, checkout the link below to learn about what to expect at the expo. 


Thanks for sharing your love of tea.

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Tim Smith, Chief Leaf
The Tea Smith, L.L.C.

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