First Friday Artwalk, Negative Effects of Tea Bags, & Iced Tea Tips
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May 3rd: First Friday Artwalk
First Friday May
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Can you believe it's already May? Time for another First Friday Artwalk featuring your favorite small businesses in downtown Omaha, local artists and awesome live music.

We'll be showcasing photography by Jim Lamb from Black Sheep Photography. Check out this short interview to learn a little bit more about Jim's work and then come see it in person!
We're also excited to be hosting musician Tracy Skretta. You can preview a few songs. We can't wait to hear them live at our shop. 
There's plenty more to see and do. Grab your friends and make it a night out on the town. 

Tea Bags and Your Health


"Are tea bags turning us into plastic?" That's the question posed by one writer over at The Atlantic. When it comes to choosing paper tea bags or so-called silky tea bags, could there be a difference when it comes to your health? Wouldn't it be better to avoid bags altogether?
Silky Tea Bag
Could "silky" tea bags hurt your health?
If you're looking for a great rundown on how exactly the hot temperatures needed to brew tea may be breaking down materials in tea bags, this is a great feature to read. It's well researched and references some important scientific studies. 
Of course, we've decidedly come down on a completely different answer to this debate: the best bag is no bag! This is a great piece to share with our fellow loose-leaf lovers. 

Featured Accessory: 
Iced Tea Pitchers


We love this Beehouse Iced Tea Pitcher and we know you will, too! Making your favorite brew over ice doesn't have to mean foregoing the great quality of loose-leaf tea. While many pitchers don't come equipped to make great iced, loose-leaf tea, this one is readymade with Beehouse's trademark tea infuser.

Ring in spring with our Beehouse Iced Tea Pitcher
This versatile and easy-to-use pitcher comes in five great colors!


It's the perfect way to usher in the warmer weather, with a a sleek, clean design that features soft, swooping lines. It also comes in five fantastic colors: Banana, Blueberry, Artichoke, Avocado and Carrot. 


Here's what Beverly from Nebraska had to say: "I got this iced tea pitcher (in blue) last summer, and use it for both ice & hot teas. It brews beautifully, plus has beautiful graceful lines."


Looking for another terrific option?

The Takeya Iced Pitcher lets you easily brew leaf tea, bags, or flowering teas. With BPA free glass, this pitcher features a fine mesh infuser, airtight lid and is dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

Iced Tea Tips: 4 Methods

Iced Tea
Use glass or ceramic pitchers for the best iced tea


It may have taken a little longer than we'd hoped, but it seems like spring is finally here. It's the perfect time to start having your favorite brews over ice. Here are some tips to make sure you do iced tea the right way. 

  • The Impatient Method. Can't wait? Infuse two teaspoons of tea per 8 oz. water. After infusing, pour over a glass full of ice and enjoy! Serves one. 
  • The Patient Method. Infuse one teaspoon per 8 oz water. After infusing, chill and serve. Serves one. 
  • Cold Infusion. Grab size four T-sacs and add approximately one oz. of tea leaves inside T-sac. Fill a one gallon pitcher with cold water. Place T-sac in pitcher and let set in refrigerator for 6-8 hours. 
  • The Party Method. Having company? Grab a size four T-sac and use the Impatient Method on a larger scale. Fill up a size four T-sac with one ounce of tea leaves and place in a one-gallon pitcher. Infuse tea using only 1/2 gallon of hot water. After tea is done infusing, pour over a one-gallon pitcher of ice. 

Looking for delicious spring options? Stock up on spring blends > 

Thanks for sharing your love of tea.

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