First Friday Artwalk Tonight, February is for Tea Lovers, Monkey Picked Oolong
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After kicking off 2013 with a bang, we're excited to take part in another First Friday Artwalk at Omaha's historic Old Market. 
This month, nine galleries will be showing work from local artists. 
Grab your friends, family and kick 
off the weekend with a unique, enriching and diverse offering of 
art, food, sights and sounds.

February is For Lovers... of Tea!
Floral Bouquet, Herbal Gift Sampler
Flowers for your sweetheart or friend? It's 
always a lovely thought. How about putting
them in a brew instead of a bouquet?





Sweet Thoughts Gift Basket


Sweet Thoughts Gift Basket

A beautifully packaged gift basket that's ready

for two to enjoy, featuring Sweet Serenade 

White tea blend, Finest Lady Grey, Sweet Pomegranate Green Tea and some other surprises. Remember, it's the sweet thoughts 

that count!



Choco La Tea Gift Basket


Choco La Tea Gift Basket

Tea infused chocolate bars and teas like Chocolate Mint Rooibos, Carmelita Black 

tea and Tiramisu Rooibus make this an easy choice for anyone with a sweet tooth. Once you savor these delights,  you'll have to resist the temptation not to share!



More Sweet Gift Ideas > 

Monkey Picked Oolong is Here


Monkey Picked Oolong "It is no secret that one of my favorite styles of tea is Oolong. Sometimes referred to as semi-oxidized, or partially oxidized tea, this style rests between green teas, which are not oxidized and black teas which are completely oxidized. As such Oolongs have a broad range of flavors from light and floral to bold, with a lingering finish."

--Chief Leaf, Tim Smith


How many monkeys does it take to make this special oolong tea? If you believe the legend, it only takes one highly skilled simian. But leaving all monkey business behind, this is a really remarkable selection that we're excited to bring to you. 


Carefully picked and cared for through all stages of production, this tea represents some of the best that oolong has to offer. 


Only the first two tender leaves and young bud are plucked for this tea. One of the first things one notices is the leaves are tightly rolled and relatively uniform in size. This is important in this style of oolong, as it is made to impart 4-6 or more infusions as the leaves continue to unfurl.


This Ti Kuan Yin features a medium roast which develops a bolder array of complex flavors. We encourage you to try this one Gong Fu style - a series of short infusions to coax out all the tea master has produced.

Thanks for sharing your love of tea.

Let us know if there is something you'd like to see in the newsletters for the upcoming months.

Tim Smith, Chief Leaf
The Tea Smith, L.L.C.

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