New Seasonal Teas, Holiday Gift Ideas,
Tea & Digestion, and Escape from Black Friday
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New Seasonal Teas are Here

Is it us, or is it starting to get a bit chilly out there? Just in time for new seasonal teas that will bring you familiar holiday flavors and keep you warm as temperatures start to drop.  
Fireside Chat
A Perfect Fireside Companion
Seasonal favorite Fireside Chat is back. By now, it's a classic end-of-year choice at The Tea Smith. The Holidays just wouldn't be the same without it! It's a fragrant and tasty blend of China black teas, citrus, clove, almond bits, rose petals and vanilla pieces. It's got just the right mixture of sweetness and spice to tantalize your taste buds and warm you up as you hang out by the fire. 


"Just a cup of Fireside Chat is not enough. I brew an entire pot and still wish to drink more of this delicious tea."
-Gail P., Norfolk, NE 

Apple Almond Delight
This Caffeine-Free Treat is a Terrific Holiday Nightcap
If caffeine is not your cup of tea, why not brew up some of our Apple Almond Delight? It's a great choice when you're looking to catch up with an old friend. Unlike some teas, which can get bitter with oversteeping, Apple Almond Delight is a tisane that gets sweeter by the minute. Steep it for up to 10 mins to get deliciously full infusion of nutty and sweet fragrances and flavors. 
"The blend with cinnamon and vanilla makes this tea smell and taste like a holiday treat prepared locally; almonds roasted with vanilla, sugar and cinnamon. And because it's caffeine-free, I can can still enjoy this brew during the chilly evenings." 
-J. Sanford, Sioux City, IA 

Get a Head Start on Holiday Gifts

It's never too early to start thinking about Holiday gifts. There's something really special about giving someone beautiful, artisanal loose-leaf tea. For one thing, it's a unique present that'll stand out. It also goes far beyond being a disposable trinket. When you give someone tea, you're giving them a whole experience.

Sampler Set
Choose one of our Popular Gift sets, or call to have one customized Customize Your Own!

This year, why not customize your very own gift basket from The Tea Smith? It doesn't matter if you're just taking care of one Secret Santa, or buying something a whole family can enjoy, you can customize your selection a much as you'd like!

Tea Could Aid Digestive Issues Both Large and Small
Ginger Peach
Ginger is Great for an Upset Stomach. Try Our Ginger Peach Tea!

For those of us with sensitive stomachs or a propensity to become nauseated, relief from digestive problems is an issue that can affect quality of life in a significant way. 


By reoccurring frequently, queasiness moves beyond being a nuisance into an obstacle that can disrupt your enjoyment of leisure time, or an extra hurdle to jump over when you're trying to be productive. 


What about digestive issues that aren't minor, but are life-threatening? Remarkably, tea may be able to help in those scenarios as well. 


Read more here> 

Escape from Black Friday

Coming Soon... Don't get buried under tinsel and wrapping paper in the quest for the next Tickle-Me-Elmo. Instead, join us for a bit of counter-programming as we have some real quality-tea time. Stay tuned for more details!

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Tim Smith, Chief Leaf
The Tea Smith, L.L.C.

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