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Volume  11, Issue 2
February  2016     
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Welcome back to the February 2016 newsletter. This month I am introducing a new column called "From the vault" in honor of our 10th anniversary of programming with the Group Coaching Essentials course. It has been a pleasure and honor to work with thousands of you in the last decade throughout the program or the many presentations I have led for the coaching community.

A few weeks ago we kicked off the Learning Lab and Design Studio which houses a collection of many of the rich resources I've developed. We meet on Fridays, usually at 12 noon ET.  You can join us at the LLDS throughout the year to take your learning around group and team work deeper, and to also connect with any amazing community of other practitioners. More information below, along with a monthly, six month and annual sign up link.

This month's article is Five Ways to Support More Introverted clients in groups and teams. Coaching is primarily a verbal channel and it is important for us to adapt our approaches to meet the needs of the diverse learners who find their way to us.

Please take advantage this month of the Early Bird  Special pricing on the April 2- 3 Group and Team Coaching Intensive which will be held in Toronto - Save $200 plus HST on this 19 CCE program. Special pricing is available up to February 29th.

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Posts and Resources to Support Your Work PLUS FROM The VAULT
A number of rich blog posts to support you this month:

Six Coaching Questions - Focus - Read it here

Ethics and Group and team Coaching - Read it here

Learning Styles - What type are your learners? - Read it here

Webinars, Teleclasses and Virtual Group Coaching - 5 WOW factors -Read it here

Five essential elements in your group and team coaching toolkit - Read it here

From the Vault - What we were focusing on 10 years ago in February 2006:

What's the optimum Group Size in Group Coaching? - Read it here


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Five Approaches for Working with Introverts in Your Groups Programs 
Copyright 2016- Jennifer Britton. All Rights Reserved
Today we are much more aware of styles than we ever have been. Whether our clients move through an MBTI assessment,  a DiSC or have done "colors" work, supporting different learning styles in the room is key.

I often get asked by coaches how do I support introverts in a group coaching process?  In fact I think for many people who might not be as verbally verbose, or may want  more time to process, group coaching can be a popular and well loved modality if we consider more than just coaching rounds. Coaching rounds and being placed ina  "fishbowl" can be highly uncomfortable for an introverted or more reserved person, especially when connections are weaker and trust is not there.
Consider these approaches for supporting those that may need more time to process:

1. Provide pre-work opportunities so people feel like they are not as placed on the spot. Priming people for conversation, through readings, a handful of questions they can reflect on, or a link to a related video, can help focus the conversation.

2. Provide smaller breakout opportunities. It can be perceived as easier for pople to connect with smaller groups. Increasingly it is almost as easy to do this virtually as it is in person. Many virtual platforms like Maestro or allow you to use breakouts in your work.

3. Post its - Ensuring that everyone's voice is on the table is a key principle to operate from. I tend to use a lot of post its in my work, ensuring that people have time and space to reflect, write and then share their ideas. Tip: Bring a Sharpie marker for each person and make sure that people write only one idea per card. Ensure you have blank wall space available for people to post.

4. Journalling: Journalling is another approach which can provide reflection space. There are now online platforms like Journal Engine which a uniquely well positioned for not only individual coaching, but also group coaching.

5. Ask group members how they want to stretch - One of the things I love in our work is that everyone is different. This is the value of the pre-call and you will hear from different group members how they want to be supported, what stretch can look like for them.  Sometimes people with take this as an opportunity to really stretch with your co-designed support. Don't assume how much people do want to use the coaching as a growth opportunity.

What other approaches do you want to incorporate to support those in your group that may want more reflection space and/or less verbal approaches?
That's it for February. Enjoy the month!

Best wishes,
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