Organic Spa 2015 Skin Care Guide

A while ago I wrote a newsletter entitled "Why Polish?"  It had to do with
the practice of exfoliating your skin to unveil your new skin underneath to keep it looking fresh and youthful.

I went on to talk about our three Exfoliating Scrub Bars which I created to take the 'mess' out of exfoliating with products that come in tubes and jars.
I explained that these bars are 100% pure and all natural and will not strip the natural pigmentation from your skin the way some harmful peels and chemicals can.  Our Rice Face Scrub contains rice flour, a gentle exfoliating ingredient which brightens skin naturally. Our Jojoba Face and Body Scrub contains jojoba beads and jojoba meal which exfoliate and are emollients that closely resemble the skin's natural sebum that keeps it soft.
Our popular Coffee Body Scrub created with caffeinated coffee beans gently massages the body while exfoliating.  newsletter can be seen here
Earlier this year I responded to a request from Organic Spa Magazine, a national print and digital magazine whose mission is to " others achieve a greener, more sustainable, organic lifestyle."  I sent samples of our scrubs for them to test.  Needless to say, I was very excited, because all of our products are in line with their mission statement. I really wanted  to see if our products would impress these 'green' experts enough to have them feature them in their publication.

Well...they did and they did!  Organic Spa Magazine Skin Care Guide 2015 included a picture of our Coffee Body Scrub and brief descriptions of each scrub.  The editor-in-chief, Rona Berg, wrote in her prior email to me "I love them..."   see feature here-click on page to enlarge

As a business person I appreciate each and every sale I make and all feedback. But there is something to be said for getting positive feedback from people who test thousands of products on a regular basis and having them choose ours to feature among the best in their national magazine!   Talk about validation!

Until next time, I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and look forward to the be-here-before-you-know-it holidays!

Take care, 


Jojoba Face and Body Scrub

Rice Face Scrub
brightens skin naturally

Jojoba Face and Body Scrub
exfoliates and softens
Coffee Body Scrub
gently massages while exfoliating