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When I was about nine years old my parents gave me permission to start drinking coffee.  I would put so much cream and sugar in it anyone else would not even recognize it as coffee.  I loved the aroma and the warm sweet taste and drank it that way for years.  Eventually I began to drink tea and would enjoy an occasional cup of coffee as a treat.


Recently, however, I have rediscovered coffee.  Not as a drink but as a versatile ingredient in skin care.  One day while watching a popular TV show I saw the host put coffee grounds on a woman's leg stating that it would help minimize  the look of cellulite.  I started researching the external benefits of coffee and was pleased to find that my favorite childhood drink has

properties that could help improve the appearance of your skin (minus all that cream and sugar of course), while treating you to that wonderful aroma.


According to OrganicAuthority, coffee grounds can be used in several ways to improve your overall appearance:


1.  To treat cellulite - apply wet coffee grounds to affected areas and wrap the area with plastic wrap for about 15-20 minutes then rinse to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite


2.  To exfoliate skin - mix coffee grounds with other softening ingredients like body oil or cream and use like soap to slough off rough skin and smooth the skin beneath


3.  As a facial - mix coffee grounds with milk, honey, and cocoa powder and apply to the face for 15 minutes to smooth and tone your skin 


4. To strengthen and shine dark hair - apply wet coffee grounds to wet hair (like using henna) for about 15 minutes, then rinse to give strength and shine to dark hair


After researching the numerous benefits of coffee, I decided to offer a product that exfoliates and helps treat cellulite. Caffeinated coffee grounds are a natural stimulant for circulation.  I discovered that when infused with moisturizing ingredients, and massaged into the skin they are most effective. Coffee Body Scrub was the result of my research and testing. 

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To date it is one of our best selling products - and all because I rediscovered coffee. 


Want to wake up your skin with coffee?

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Take care, Brenda




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