5 Great Reasons to Use Body Oil


A while ago I started using body oil instead of lotion and creams because  I was so pleased at how easy it was to apply and how quickly it absorbed into my skin. It saved me so much time when getting dressed.  Body oil has now become my primary source for moisturizing because, not only does it save me time, it has other benefits and applications that make it a good investment.


1- It doesn't clog pores.  Some heavy moisturizers with added ingredients used to preserve or emulsify a product can clog pores.  Without these added ingredients body oil quickly penetrates the skin but also lets it breathe.


2- It locks in moisture for hours keeping the skin soft and supple which eliminates the need to reapply throughout the day.  It works best when applied right after a bath or shower when the skin is still damp.


3- It can be used for massage.  According to specialists at the Mayo Clinic, a good massage reduces stress and can add a sense of well being to your life.  Body oil, especially when infused with Essential Oils (not synthetic fragrance oils), has therapeutic properties that, not only moisturize the skin, but have health benefits as well.  These health benefits include anxiety, insomnia, and headache reduction.


4-It's more economical than many other moisturizers. The initial cost of a bottle of body oil may be the same as the cost of lotion or cream, but you only need to use a fraction of oil when moisturizing because a little goes a long way and it will last longer.


5- There are other applications as well, like adding a little body oil to your bath or even a foot bath to soften your feet; applying it to your cuticles in between your manicures to keep them moisturized and prevent them from splitting; using it as a hot oil treatment before shampooing your hair or using it to massage your scalp if you are bald; and the list goes on...


A word of caution when choosing body oil and that is, 'natural.' You want to choose oils that are derived from nature such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, rosehip seed oil, and other natural oils.  These are derived from plants, nuts, vegetables, and seeds that provide nourishment for your skin like good food provides nourishment for your body.  Avoid mineral oil which is a synthetic oil derived from petroleum and may have adverse effects on the body.


I chose to use liquid coconut oil in our body oils (which is also referred to as fractionated coconut oil) because it is light, non-greasy, quickly absorbs into the skin, and has a long shelf life.  We add essential oils and vitamin E to it and that's it. 


So why body oil?  With all of the above-mentioned benefits and applications from just one product, I don't see why not. (see what we have to offer here)


Take care, Brenda