Why Polish?


            I have a beautiful silver tea set that I keep on display in my dining room.  It's a memento from my parent's home.  I used to polish it regularly to remove the patina so it would shine like new.  Well, polishing got old and I let it go.  The pieces started turning dull and discolored with irregular patterns. It gave it character and, to my surprise, I absolutely loved it and never polished it again.


            I cannot say the same for skin however.  If you have never polished, or more appropriately, exfoliated your skin, you'd be surprised at what lies beneath the patina. Brenda's Body offers several products to help you gently and naturally exfoliate dead, dull skin to reveal your new glowing skin.  Our Exfoliating Scrub Bars are 100% pure and all natural and will not strip the natural pigmentation from your skin the way some harmful peels and chemicals can.  Our Rice Face Scrub contains rice flour, a gentle exfoliating ingredient which brightens skin naturally. Our Jojoba Face and Body Scrub contains jojoba beads and jojoba meal which exfoliate and are emollients that closely resemble the skins natural sebum that keeps it soft.


I created both in a bar because of the mess I experienced using scrubs in a jar. I recommend exfoliating your skin (face and body) 2 to 3 times a week, however, our scrub bars are gentle enough to use daily.  Use just like any soap and you will see and feel results immediately.


Why pay for expensive skin treatments when you can achieve literally 'glowing' results at home naturally?  These products are Eco friendly and completely sustainable.  Order now and see for yourself.


Much love, Brenda


 P.S. We do have another scrub bar but I'll talk about that one another time...trying to keep these 'newsletters' as short as possible.  Remember, any comments, questions, requests, leave a post on our blog



Jojoba Face and Body Scrub
Exfoliating Sampler
Rice Face Scrub
brightens skin naturally

Jojoba Face and Body Scrub
exfoliates and softens
Exfoliating Sampler
includes Bamboo Soap Dish