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Messages in Water
Does water have feelings and memory?

According to Japanese new age healer Dr. Masaru Emoto, the answer is yes.

Dubious science
Since the early '90s, Dr. Emoto has been
conducting unconventional "experiments" with water.

A variety of water samples, whether distilled or taken from natural springs and kitchen faucets, is placed in plastic bottles, then subjected to written and verbal cajoling or abuse. Yes, you read that right.

Emoto and his staff write words like "Love", "Hate" and statements like "You're Pretty" and "You're Ugly" on the sides of the bottles, or speak the same messages directly to the water. The water samples are then placed in petri dishes, frozen, and the crystals on the surface photographed with a high powered microscope attached to a 35mm camera.

A bit kooky, but here's where it gets interesting... 
Over hundreds of photo-documented samples, the water treated with kind words and praise formed beautiful intricate crystals. The SAME water, subjected to negative words and phrases either formed broken, distorted crystals or none at all.
Similar results were discovered when water was treated to classical music (lovely crystals) or heavy metal, which produced no crystals and resulted in water that looked like it was coated with pond scum. Ditto for water that was subjected to microwaving and cell phone signals.

Water is multilingual 
Yes, you read that right, too. In one experiment the same word, WISDOM, was written on six bottles of distilled water, each in a different language. The crystals that formed were not only exquisite, they looked eerily similar, displaying common structures like six points and smaller compound crystals growing off each spire. Dr. Emoto insists that this is notable because in the hundreds of crystals documented over 20 years, it is rare to find two or more crystals which closely resemble one another.

A sobering possibility
Dr. Emoto's photographs and dubious conclusions have been published in six books to date. As unlikely as it may seem, the books are wildly popular and two titles have joined the New York Times Bestseller list. Why? Perhaps it's the beautiful color photos. Or Dr. Emoto's naive but sincere attempt to project human qualities onto H2O.

Or maybe, just maybe, he's on to something.

As Dr. Emoto reminds us, our bodies are comprised of 60-70% water. Could it be that our hurtful language, angry intentions, negative self talk and obsessive attachment to technology is affecting us at the cellular level?  If so, what can we do to reverse the trend?

Dr. Emoto offers few answers, so here are the steps I've decided to take:
1. Drink more fresh water, cut down on coffee and sugary drinks.

2. Watch my language, both to others and myself. I'll listen more and speak less. When I do speak, it will be more considered and come from a place of compassion.

3. Cut down on Metallica and Black Sabbath. Ok, that's a no-brainer.

4. Remember the lessons of water: Be Focused, Be Clear, Go With The Flow. 

5. Appreciate water every day, whether it's savoring a shower, taking a relaxing bubble bath (yes, real men and women enjoy a bubbly, aromatic soak) or dipping my toes in a stream.

"Water is sensitive to vibrations, in words, in actions, in the energy of the universe", says Dr. Emoto.

We would all do well to embrace water's wisdom. Cheers!


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