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December 2013VOLUME 4: ISSUE 7
Customer Service FAQ

Q: What does CIC do to maintain the integrity of the testing process?

A: CIC takes the following steps to protect exams. More

CIC Annual Meeting
 April 15-17, 2014
Atlanta, Ga.
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Co-Op Ad Campaign
CIC is supporting a new cooperative advertising campaign with Practical Examiners. Look for the first ad in the January 2014 issue of Crane & Rigging Hot Line. If you would like to participate, contact Cindy Kirby at 
Blessings from CIC
Around my Grandparents' table, my cousins and I were encouraged to bless each other. The reward was sweet peppermints. 
As an adult, life is so good that it's hard to comprehend. In addition to Grace from God, friends, and family, I am blessed by CIC: The leaders, team, and examiners who dedicate themselves to saving lives are admirable. The operators and employers who take care to do right, have my utmost respect. Even confusing messages from OSHA that have forced us to think longer and harder about how to make good processes better, are a blessing in disguise. 
Count it all for joy. Merry  Christmas and may God bless you too.


Debbie Dickinson
Executive Director 
Merry Christmas from CIC's Customer Support Team in 
Villa Rica, Ga.

CIC and BC Reciprocal Crane Operator Certification Moves to Next Phase


WorkSafe BC has approved the Pilot Program for CIC and BC Association for Crane Safety's reciprocal crane operator certification. In July, Industrial Training International hosted initial pilot tests, then in November, BCACS announced that British Columbia employers may voluntarily participate in the pilot to offer employment opportunities to qualified U.S. crane operators.


Operators certified through CIC will have a valid certification for five years that meets OSHA, U.S. state, and BC requirements. The BCACS Pilot will complete March 31, 2014, after which CIC anticipates that reciprocal certification will be available for years to come. More

16 Operators Advance to Crane Operator Skills Championship in Las Vegas


The last of eight regional qualifying events for the MCM and CIC Crane Operator Skills Championship concluded in November. Sixteen crane operators from around the United States and Canada will move on to the finals to be held in Las Vegas during ConExpo-Con/Agg, March 4-8, 2014. 


Two additional operators at ConExpo will have a chance to join the 16 in a qualifying round on March 4-5. The Championship will take place March 6-7 in Booth 2975 in the Gold Lot behind the Riviera Hotel. 


Prizes include cash, a custom leather jacket, and of course, bragging rights. Operators attending the show are encouraged to pre-register in order to assure a spot in the qualifier competition. More

New Markets for Certification in 2014


Economists are predicting steady gains for the construction industry next year. And with a Nov. 10, 2014 deadline still on the books for crane operators to be certified, CIC expects to see strong demand for crane operator and rigger certification. However, the construction industry is not the only one looking to qualify and document workers.


Certification for Mining Contractors

An OSHA rule that became effective May 23, 2013 has mining contractors working in underground construction looking for accredited certification. The new rule applies the requirements of the August 2010 cranes and derricks in construction standard to demolition work and underground construction. CIC's new certifications for operators of service/mechanics trucks and articulating boom cranes are particularly suited to this market.


Utilities and Power Gen Contractors Stay Ahead of the Curve

Safety is a high priority for power companies. CIC counts many investor-owned, municipal, federal, and cooperative utilities among its customers. If you work in this industry, you should read a final rule related to digger derricks, also issued by OSHA in May 2013, that requires digger derrick operators to be certified if the work being performed is for construction. 


Learn more about CIC's certifications for operators of Digger Derricks, Articulating Boom Cranes, and Service/Mechanic Trucks on our Multi-Purpose Equipment page.

Friction Crane Designation Available in 2014
The operation of friction crawler cranes requires a unique skill set involving engaging the clutch and controlling the load with the foot brake and levers at the same time. CIC has always certified operators of friction cranes, but is now offering a special notation designating "Friction" on certification cards for operators who take their practical exam on friction cranes. More
One Step Closer to ANSI Accreditation


In December, CIC completed 11,808 pages of documentation for CIC's ANSI accreditation application. Thanks to Candice and Angela in the CIC Customer Service and Operational Center for their hard work making all those copies! CIC's certifications are currently accredited by NCCA.


Candice is shown here celebrating, with Amanda in the background.

Around the Industry
Smart Choice-Saving Lives

Crane Institute Certification (CIC), Villa Rica, Ga., is an independent certifying organization providing OSHA recognized, NCCA accredited certifications for mobile crane operators according to type and capacity, as well as rigger and signalperson certifications. CIC is committed to serving construction, utility and power generation, underground construction, manufacturing, and heavy industry by providing efficient and relevant certifications to meet or exceed OSHA requirements and industry best practices.

With CIC you can complete one Practical Exam for up to five certifications. Exam questions and tasks are relevant to real-world work sites. Exams are available in English and Spanish. Learn more at