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RESET Prayer Meeting in July at the DC National Mall

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farewellFarewell: PCCNA Salutes UHCA Bishop Elijah Williams
United Holy Church of America President Elijah Williams
United Holy Church of America President, Bishop Elijah Williams, is concluding his final term of office - both for PCCNA and the UHCA. Bishop Harry Cohen will be replacing Bishop Williams as president of UHCA. 

PCCNA President Jeff Farmer said one of his fondest memories of Bishop Williams is when he and his wife, Ramona, traveled to Israel with Elijah and his wife, Mamie. 

 "Ramona and I fell in love with Elijah and Mamie during our PCCNA trip to Israel. What a grand couple they are, and what excellent ambassadors for Christ and the United Holy Church of America! Bishop Williams and the UHCA participated eagerly in everything to which PCCNA put it hands. We will miss his captivating smile and his earnest heart for God and others. He served the Executive Committee with distinction," says Jeff Farmer.  

Bishop Williams riding a camel in Israel.
Here's a Q&A with Bishop Williams about his service in PCCNA. 
How long have you served on the PCCNA Executive Committee? 
In August 2005, I became president of The United Holy Church. It was at the consequent meeting I was appointed to the board and have served until my retirement this May 2016. It has been an honor to serve on the PCCNA Executive Committee for 10 years. 
What are your most memorable moments from serving with PCCNA? 
There are three memorable moments that I would like to share: 
1) The trip that the nation of Israel sponsored for the leaders of the various denominations was a momentous one for me and my wife, Mamie. The trip was excellent in every aspect. Even though this was not my first trip to Israel, it was her first trip there. Because it was sponsored by Israel and they provided the tour guides, I had many "up close" and more in depth personal experiences than before. We received preferential treatment every step of the way. 
2) I am especially proud of the service project PCCNA co-sponsored with World Vision. It is commendable that we have reached beyond our borders to help provide insecticide-treated mosquito bed nets to help stamp out malaria. It is my sincere desire that this project is continued until malaria becomes obsolete. 
3) The publishing of the book, Servants of the Spirit: Portraits of Pentecostal/Charismatic Pioneers edited by Andrea Johnson in 2010 was a notable accomplishment. PCCNA provided a level of literary recognition to Pentecostal Charismatic Churches as a group that did not previously exist in one book. 
What's your advice to Bishop Harry Cohen who is taking your place on the PCCNA Board of Administration? 
My advice to Bishop Harry Cohen will be to continue the great relationship The United Holy Church of American has had with PCCNA throughout the years. By doing so we will continue to fellowship with Pentecostal/Charismatic leaders and contribute to global ministries. Leilani Haywood
MayorPCCNA Memphis Chapter News
PCCNA Memphis Chapter President Aaron Campbell with his wife Patricia and Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland
Mayor Jim Strickland outlined his Big Picture for Memphis, and said his vision for city government is to "be brilliant in the basics:" dealing with crime, poverty and population loss head-on. He outlined all of the good things going on in Memphis: downtown is booming, St. Jude is expanding, Graceland is building the largest hotel in our city since the 1920's, and Shelby Farms is undergoing a 70 million dollar expansion with privately raised funds. We were able to have a time of prayer for our new mayor at the end of our meeting. - Aaron Campbell

PCCNA member Dan Henley leads a prayer for Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland at the Bott Radio Pastor's Appreciation Luncheon with our friends from the Church Developer's Network.

PCCNA members attended the Go Global Summit with Pastor George Black's Rejoice International Network

 prayercommissionmayPrayer Commission Focuses on Children's Prayer Movement
PCCNA Prayer Commission

The PCCNA Prayer Commission's monthly conference call helps prayer coordinators  connect, network, learn, pray and receive encouragement on a regular basis. These calls are the third Wednesday of each month from 10:00-10:30 a.m., EST. Instructions regarding the conference call are sent to the prayer coordinator list.

What happens on these calls? Though the sessions are brief, a lot of content is packed into the half-hour. After opening greetings and prayer, primary components include:

Brief roundtable reports from call participants regarding prayer events, initiatives, and resources from their denominations or organizations.

Special guest segments in which denominational, ministry, or organizational leaders share their vision regarding special prayer events as well as information about people or ministries. Here are some recent examples: Dr. Jerry Kirk, Founder and President of the 40-day Prayer Covenant and Ester Ilnisky, founder and CEO of Esthernet spoke on the May conference call. 

Through the Prayer Covenant card ministry, multiplied thousands of adults and children are uniting in prayer for one another. Esthernet International is a ministry devoted to mobilizing global intercession among children and adults. Special focus was given to the Children's Global Prayer Movement, a burgeoning initiative that's raising a generation of child intercessors around the world. 

Prayer for one another is also a vital part of the conference calls. Please join us the third Wednesday of each month from 10:00-10:30 a.m., EST! If a prayer coordinator hasn't been identified in your ministry, prayerfully consider who would best represent that vital focus and pass the name to Prayer Commission Chairman, P. Douglas Small at

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."   Acts 1:8 (NIV) 
Jeff Farmer, President

Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America 

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PCCNA Welcomes Bishop Harry Cohen
Bishop Harry Cohen
The PCCNA congratulates newly-elected Bishop Harry Cohen as president of the United Holy Church of America. In that role, Bishop Cohen automatically becomes a member of the PCCNA Board of Administration.

Bishop Harry L. Cohen is a native of Eden, NC. He is a graduate of the Douglas High School, Eden, NC and Winston Salem State University, Winston Salem, NC. He has further studied at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC and graduated from Houston Graduate School of Theology with an MA in Theological Studies. He holds the Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from United Christian College in Goldsboro, NC.

Bishop Cohen is married to the former Linda B. Broadnax of Eden, North Carolina and is the father of three children, Legrande, Harold, and Jeffrey. He is the proud grandfather of Harry, Aliyah, Charity, Trinity and Joshua.

Bishop Cohen entered the ministry of preaching in July of 1969. He has served the people of God as pastor's kid, student, Sunday School teacher, musician, choir director, evangelist, Assistant to the Pastor, Pastor, District Elder, member of the Presbytery, member of the Board of Elders of the Southern District Convocation, and Vice President of the New England District Convocation of the Original United Holy Church International, Inc.

He has served as pastor of the New Covenant Holy Church of Burlington, NC, Inc. for the past 31 years and the St. Mariah Holy Church of Reidsville, NC for the past 11 years. Two of the years were positional due to the continued pastorate of Mother Lettie Cohen.

In August 1995, he was elected as the Vice President of the New England District Convocation, Bishop Lewis P. Miller, presiding prelate. Bishop Cohen served faithfully until 1999 when the re-unification of the Original United Holy Church and the United Holy Church became a reality.
PleasePrayChurch of God to Elect New General Overseer 
Church of God General Overseer Mark Williams and his wife, Sandra Kay.
PCCNA members are asked to pray for the Williams family as they wait on the Lord for their next assignment in Christ's kingdom.  

The Church of God will be electing a new General Overseer in June, 2016.  Mark and Sandra Kay have served with excellence and distinction for the maximum limit of four years allowed by COG bylaws. Joined by their two teenage sons, the Williams family is trusting God that a hand-picked door of ministry will open.  Let us join them in prayer.

"Mark has been a valuable member of the executive committee for many years," says Jeff Farmer. "It has been a unique privilege to interact with the representatives of PCCNA.," says Williams. "I cherish the times we had during the meetings to pray and dialogue together. It has been an exceptional chapter in my life." 
MembersonMoveMembers on the Move
Raging wildfires have forced more than 80,000 people from their homes.
(PAOC) ERDO Response to Fort McMurray Wildfires
Alberta has declared a state of emergency in the oils lands community of Fort McMurray. Raging wildfires have forced more than 80,000 people from their homes in the largest wildfire evacuation in its history, as explosive fire conditions ravage homes and business. (COG) Worldwide Marriage Encounter Conference Scheduled for June
The 2016 Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME) Conference/Convention that will be held at the Tampa (FL) Convention Center from June 17 to 19, 2016 is now open to all married couples, it was announced today.

(AG) West Virginia Awakening
Pentecostals are closely involved in a sudden spiritual awakening across southern West Virginia that has produced hundreds of conversions, healings, and baptisms in the Holy Spirit. Read more

(IPHC) National Day of Prayer 2016 Recap
Signed into Congressional legislation in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan, the National Day of Prayer is held annually on the first Thursday of May. Read more

Flint Residents Helped by Local Foursquare Churches When two Foursquare churches not far from Flint, Mich., learned about the devastating water crisis, they immediately stepped in to help provide clean water. Read more
2017 PCCNA Meeting

resetRESET Prayer Movement Meeting in July at the DC National Mall
In 2016, believers of all backgrounds will come to the National Mall and unite around Jesus and His hope. It will be a time to stand together with people whose only agenda is Jesus. Pray it will be huge.
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