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PCCNA Leaders Respond to Terrorist Attacks in Paris Read more

Church of God of Prophecy Partners with the Pentecostal Theological Seminary

PCCNA Members on the Move Read more

Together 2016: What If One Million Christians Gathered on the National Mall in Washington DC? Read more

Historic Gathering of Global Christian leaders Urges Churches and Governments to Address Growing Concern for Persecution of Christians Read more
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PCCNA Will Feature Traveling Exhibit Showcasing Persecuted Christians Read more 

Ministry Moment Read more

Awakening America Launches Ministry for Pastor's Wives Read more
  ParisAttacksPCCNA Leaders Respond to Terrorist Attacks in Paris
Statement from Church of God General Overseer Dr. Mark L. Williams on the Paris tragedy
Statement from Church of God General Overseer
Dr. Mark L. Williams on the Paris tragedy.
On Friday, Nov. 13, 2015, there was a coordinated terrorist attack at six locations through out Paris. At least 129 people were killed and 352 wounded in the attacks. CNN reported that 99 of the wounded are in very serious condition. ISIS has claimed responsibility.

In the wake of this unprecedented horrific attack, several PCCNA leaders issued statements. Here's a summary:

A Statement From Pastor Samuel Rodriguez (NHCLC/CONELA) Regarding the Tragic Paris Shootings
"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families of the tragic shootings that took place today in Paris, France." Read more

Statement from the Assemblies of God of France
EDITOR'S NOTE: The following statement was translated from an official communiqué from the Assemblies of God of France. Please join our French brothers and sisters in prayer during this time of tragedy.

Terrorists have once again used violence to strike. We, together with the entire French nation, are overwhelmed. Read more

PartnershipChurch of God of Prophecy Partners with the Pentecostal Theological Seminary

In an effort to further develop and equip its leaders, the Church of God of Prophecy (COGOP) has signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" agreement with the Pentecostal Theological Seminary (PTS), expanding educational options for the Church's leaders and members around the world.

Bishop Sam N. Clements, general overseer of the Church of God of Prophecy, and Dr. R. Lamar Vest, president of Pentecostal Theological Seminary, signed the agreement Tuesday at the COGOP International Offices in Cleveland, Tennessee, surrounded by the Church's General Presbyters and International Offices staff.

"This is a very exciting and wonderful day for the Church of God of Prophecy," Clements remarked. "We join hands with our brothers and come together in an agreement, this Memorandum of Understanding, so that we can work together to help educate our ministers and spread the Gospel message across this whole world." Read more.
 PCCNAMembersOnMovePCCNA Members on the Move

World Congress of Families Speakers Lament Sexual Revolution, Family Breakdown (NHCLC/CONELA) 
On the third day of the World Congress of Families meeting in Salt Lake City, stirring speeches about assaults on the family from the government and media, costs of the sexual revolution, and the urgent need to protect religious freedom rang through the Grand America ballroom. Read more

Chris Maxwell Releases Fourth Book in the Pause Series (IPHC) 
The International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPHC) would like to congratulate Rev. Chris Maxwell, campus pastor of Emmanuel College, "Pause with Jesus" on the release of the fourth book in his Pause series - "Pause with Jesus," which is available by pre-order at LifeSprings Resources. Read more. 
Together2016Together 2016: What If One Million Christians Gathered on the National Mall in Washington DC?
Grammy nominee Kari Jobe will minister at
Together 2016 with Hillsong UNITED. Francis Chan, Ravi Zacharias and Nick Hall will be speaking.
Imagine hundreds of thousands of different churches, artists, leaders, groups, bands, and people of all ages and backgrounds standing together to ask Jesus for a reset or a fresh start.

It's going to happen!

On July 16, 2016, all kinds of people are planning to join together around Jesus on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. for Together 2016. Hillsong UNITED, Kari Jobe, Francis Chan, Ravi Zacharias and Nick Hall will be helping to lead the free event.

"We're hoping for one million people of all backgrounds to fill the National Mall," said Nick Hall, founder of PULSE, one of the many ministries and organizations behind Together 2016.

"Jesus said that His followers are family. We believe that it is time for a family gathering. Together is about unity. It's not about what divides us, but about the one who unites us - Jesus. The world sees division. We can change that. We're linking arms, lifting a unified sound and asking Jesus to reset our generation," said Hall.

Those supporting Together 2016 believe in the power of standing together. They also believe Jesus changes everything.

"I'm part of Together 2016 because I believe it's going to be a history-making moment," said Kari Jobe.   

"I love the name Together," said Joel Houston of Hillsong UNITED. "There's a power in unity and a blessing that comes when people put aside their differences and gather together for one purpose. Our prayer is for this to be a reset for us as a generation of the church-in America and beyond."            

For more information about Together, visit
 HistoricGatheringHistoric Gathering of Global Christian Leaders Urges Churches and Governments to Address Growing Concern for Persecution of Christians
An historic consultation of church leaders, drawn from 56 nations, to focus on intensifying 'discrimination, persecution and violence' against Christian communities around the world has called on churches globally to pray, support and be in solidarity with those suffering persecution due to their faith.

In a two pronged response the leaders:
  • offered "repentance" for times when churches had "persecuted each other and other religious communities in history"; and,
  • urged churches "to urgently strengthen the solidarity of all Christians" in the face of discrimination, persecution and martyrdom in the 21st century.
In a greeting from the Vatican, Pope Francis said, "I think with great sadness of the escalating discrimination, and persecution against Christians in the Middle East, Africa and Asia and elsewhere throughout the world.

"In various parts of the world, the witness to Christ, even to the shedding of blood, has become a shared experience of Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans, Protestants, Evangelicals and Pentecostals," he said.

The consultation also called on governments to "respect and protect the freedom of religion and belief of all people as a fundamental human right."
In a public message from the consultation participants called on: 
  • Christians to pray for those who are discriminated against and persecuted;
  • Christian organisations at regional, national and local levels from all traditions to learn, pray and work together for the persecuted;
  • Churches to engage in dialogue and co-operation with other faith communities, and be watchful and fearless in the face of discrimination and persecution.
The historic gathering was the first time in modern history that every stream of global Christianity had joined together to listen and learn from Christians who experience discrimination, persecution and violence.

The consultation was an initiative of the Global Christian Forum and supported by the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christin Unity (Vatican), the World Evangelical Alliance, the Pentecostal World Fellowship, and the World Council of Churches. It was held in Tirana, Albania, 2-4 November.

MinistryMomentAprilPrayer & Evangelism

"Where was the church born?  Not in a preaching session but in a prayer meeting.  You never learn how to pray except in prayer."  Jim Cymbala

"How can you have eyes for the harvest, if you don't have the harvest in your eyes?  Harvest eyes don't come from committee action; they come from looking at the fields."  Tom Clegg

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."   Acts 1:8 (NIV) 
Jeff Farmer, President

Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America 

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Meeting2016Register Now: 2016 Meeting

The King's University (TKU), Southlake, TX, has invited PCCNA to its campus for our 2016 meeting.  Founded by Chancellor Dr. Jack Hayford in Van Nuys, CA, TKU is now a growing university located in the DFW area operating in close partnership with the 30,000 member Gateway Church pastored by Robert Morris.  Pastor Morris serves as the TKU board chair; Dr. John Spurling serves as university president.

Join PCCNA members, organizations, guests, and sponsors for this critical, timely event. Will we surrender culture, or will we unite to redeem it, subduing injustice and evil? You will be inspired by culture warriors doing battle on the front lines in North America.

Register Now: Click here. $39 Single; $69 Couple

PCCNA has contracted with the DFW Marriott Solana, 5 Village Circle, Westlake, TX, to provide guest rooms ($159 per night) and some meeting room space. There is a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport. To visit the Marriott web site click here or call 1.800.228.9290.

Executive Committee: 8am - 4:30pm Wednesday, February 24, 2016 (lunch provided)

Commissions: 9am - 4:30pm Wednesday, February 24, 2016 (lunch provided)

Registration: Begins at 2pm, Wednesday, February 24.

Opening Event: Dinner and a movie, "God is Not Dead 2," Wednesday, February 24 at 5:30pm. Meet the leadership of PureFlix. Celebrate their culture war to bring faith-based movies to the entertainment industry. Hollywood beware!

End of Meeting: All meetings conclude by 12:30pm, Friday, February 26.

 TravelingExhibitPCCNA Will FeatureTraveling Exhibit Showcasing Persecuted Christians

"People of the Cross" will feature their traveling exhibit raising awareness of persecuted Christians at the PCCNA annual meeting. Pastor Joey Rogers of Pace Assembly Ministries in Pace, FL., created the exhibit. The exhibit is directed by Crossroad Outreach, Inc. Here's what the PCCNA Chairman of the Board said when he saw the exhibit:
"If anyone in the American Church needs to be jolted from lethargy or apathy, they should view the People of the Cross exhibit.  What we have known cognitively about the persecution and martyrdom of Christians in the past will become a current reality illustrated in current "real time events."  I was deeply moved and convicted.  I recommend everyone experience this life-changing presentation." Dr. Alton Garrison, Assistant General Superintendent, Assemblies of God USA
 PrayforJerusalemMore Than 175 Nations Pray for Jerusalem
This year's Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem united nations all around the world on Sunday, October 4, as more than 175 nations participated in praying fervently for Jerusalem at this critical moment for Israel. Take a look below at a few of the highlights from the nations who joined in!

The largest Korean church according to numbers in the congregation, and sometimes considered the world's largest church, Yoido Full Gospel Church, held a special DPPJ worship service led by Dr. Young Hun Lee, Senior Pastor. Yoido Full Gospel also broadcast the DPPJ via Internet TV and publicized the event through Kukmin Daily News, the largest Christian newspaper in Korea.
Emmaus Christian Revival Ministry gathered around 1,270 participants to celebrate the day in its four churches, located in three different provinces of the country. The major prayer themes for Jerusalem were the peace of Jerusalem, and for the Jewish people and other communities living in Israel and the neighboring countries.
In the wake of several brutal terror attacks around the Temple Mount, hundreds gathered in the historic Christ Church in the Old City of Jerusalem to pray for Jerusalem and to worship, broadcast live on God TV. Those gathered were joined by millions of Christians united globally for the DPPJ.
United States (Florida)
With approximately 500 people in attendance from three congregations, New Life Church celebrated DPPJ by praying for Jerusalem and all of Israel. The service emphasis was on the Biblical roots of our faith and the democracy of the modern state of Israel compared to the surrounding nations, and was accompanied by a Hebrew dance performance.
All these nations and many more were a part of the declaration of God's promise over Jerusalem: "I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent, and give Him no rest till He establishes and till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth" (Isaiah 62:6-7).
To learn more about the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem and to get involved today, visit
MinistryMomentAprilMinistry Moment

Pastor David Koop
The Power of Giving Thanks
by Pastor David Koop, Coastal Church
Thanksgiving is a powerful way to live!

Thanksgiving, like many of our holidays, has slowly lost its original meaning.

When we truly understand what is behind living a life of thanksgiving there is a power released for us to enjoy. If you do a quick Google search on 'gratitude' or 'being thankful' you will discover various health sites providing medical proof that thankful people are healthier people. These benefits include: the ability to cope with stress, more mentally alert, a greater optimism about the future, overall improved physical health and a higher likability factor resulting in a wholesome social life.

A few keys to remember this Thanksgiving are:

1. Thanksgiving is GIVING THANKS.
It is intentionally releasing something we possess with a cheerful heart. The word thanks is an adverb that describes HOW we give. If we are thankful we willingly give; if we are ungrateful we take. Click here to read more.
 AwakeningAmericaAwakening America Alliance Launches Ministry for Pastor's Wives

Cleveland, Tenn.- Last week the Awakening America Alliance gathered pastors, pastor's spouses, and regional denominational leaders at WinShape Retreat Center for a time of prayer, strategic interaction, training, and commissioning. A new Awakening America initiative, The Helper: A Genesis 2:18 Ministry hosted the retreat for training and equipping pastor's wives to become covenant group leaders in their areas.

The Helper is a relational network that provides opportunity for ministry wives to live scripturally enriched and healthy lives evidenced by their joy, decreased resignations, loving relationships within their families, churches and communities, and enthusiasm for serving. The ministry is designed to pursue...

* Healing hope for those struggling with day-to-day challenges of ministry
* Edifying word offered in a variety of resources and settings

Kay Horner, Executive Director of the Center for Spiritual Renewal and founder of The Helper says, "The role of a pastor's wife is completely subjective with no specific set of responsibilities. Expectations are as varied as the churches she serves and as numerable as the number of members in the congregation. Encouragement for these women is vital to the health of our churches."

For more information about launching a covenant group in your area or other questions about The
Helper: A Genesis 2:18 Ministry, please visit or contact Kay Horner at
MiracleStoryFoundation Capital Resources