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Patriot Day - Remembering Heroes 

Sheriff Judd Smith rings the historical County Line Bell to begin the inaugural Hero Walk. The County Line Hero Walk was established to honor and thank our community heroes for the sacrifices they make to keep us safe while remembering 9/11. It was also a time to celebrate our pride as American citizens. The participants honored included representatives from our Armed Forces as well as our Sheriff, Police and Fire Departments. For pictures of how Barrow County School System students honored heroes, click here

Teacher Leaders Selected 

The Barrow County School System is proud to announce the 2016-2017 Teacher Leaders! The Teacher Leader Program recognizes the talents of this elite group of master educators and enables them to serve as model classroom teachers for the District. While remaining in the classroom, Teacher Leaders are able to provide professional development to other teachers through the live-streaming of classroom instruction for their colleagues to view. Upon conclusion of the lesson, there is a follow-up session in which participants can interact with the Teacher Leader in order to ask questions, plan lessons and receive feedback from the master teacher.

The areas of focus for the Teacher Leader Program are a result of the Title II Needs Assessment that is conducted each spring in order to identify the professional learning needs for teachers. Teachers from throughout the District are encouraged to apply for the program. This year, 15 teachers were chosen to participate.

Congratulations to: 
STEAM Integration:  Nicole Baker (RMS), Laura Payne (SES) Elementary Math:  Samantha Stroup (YES), Jodie Ellison (CLES) 
Middle School Literacy: Gretchen Hollingsworth (RMS), Anne Locke Ridgeway (BCMS)
Middle School Math:  Ashley Bailey (BCMS)
High School Literacy:  Colene Cannarella (AHS)
High School Science:  Dustin Cannarella (AHS)
Co-Teaching:  Ysheena Lyles (BCMS), Julie Rutledge (BCMS), Carla Vela (WMS), Hannah Croy (WMS)
Classroom Culture and Climate:  Tiara Mensinger (BES), Megan Davis (WMS) 

A Special Visitor at Russell Middle School

First Lady Sandra Deal brought a special book to Russell Middle June 12. "Memories of the Mansion: The Story of Georgia's Governor's Mansion", is a history of the Georgia governor's mansion told through the stories and experiences of the first families who lived there. Mrs. Deal co-authored the book with Kennesaw State University history professors Catherine M. Lewis and Jennifer W. Dickey.

"The mansion belongs to the people of Georgia, and this book is an effort to share and preserve its rich history," "All homes have a story to tell, and the Governor's Mansion is no exception."
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September 27
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October 5
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October 10-14
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