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Yargo Elementary and Auburn Elementary are holding Academic Parent Teacher Team meetings this year. Families are invited into their child's classrooms to examine a foundational skill related to academics and to see data related to their child and the rest of the class. At a recent Yargo meeting, families were given instruction in games they can play with their children to build their math skills. At the end of the meeting, each family set a goal for improvement and made a commitment to practice with their child at least 4 times each week. As families learned these skills and discussed math, they were also making connections with each other that will contribute to the success of all of the students in their child's class.

Families and teachers connecting and finding meaningful ways to engage with their children academically is incredible to watch. Yargo Principal Diane Bresson posted this " What an amazing night. Thank you to all our families that attended and to our teachers for all the work they put into preparing for this meeting #proudprincipal." Both schools are looking forward to increasing participation to support the continuing success of their students.

BCSS 2016-2017 Teachers of the Year 

Ann Marie Miller - Auburn Elementary
Anna Humble - Bramlett Elementary
Jessica Smith - County Line Elementary
Niki Hyers - Holsenbeck Elementary
Kristen Elrod - Kennedy Elementary
Leigh Strickland - Statham Elementary
Jessica Knight - Yargo Elementary
Amber Dillard - Haymon-Morris Middle
Sara Kendrick - Westside Middle
Alex Fjallstrom - Apalachee High
Laurie Allen - Winder-Barrow High
Todd Black - Alternative School
System Finalists
Ysheena Lyles - Bear Creek Middle
Gretchen Hollingsworth - Russell Middle
Lani Pacetti - Sims Academy
System Teacher of the Year
Tiara Mensinger - Bethlehem Elementary

Winder-Barrow JROTC

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