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Tinkering With 3D Plant Cells

5th graders in Laura Payne's science classes at Statham Elementary have been learning about animal and plant cells as part of Life Science Standard S5L3.

The students created animal cells in plastic bags and chose different objects to represent the organelles. They decided to step it up a notch for plant cells and design digital 3D models using Tinkercad, a web-based 3D design and printing application. Students had the opportunity to design their cells manipulating shapes of their choice that they felt best modeled a plant cell. Once completed, the students were able to send their custom design files to the 3D printer for creation.

Check out the student creations and comments.

Improving Minds, Improving Lives 

Winder-Barrow High teacher Brandon Mitchell took the school's mission statement outside of the classroom. An avid mountain biker and hiker, Brandon uses the Fort Yargo trails pretty much every day. Many school programs such as Cross Country, JROTC, and clubs use the trail system at Fort Yargo for practice, competition and fundraising events. After solely working on the trails for about 4 years, sometimes enlisting the WBHS Key Club which Brandon sponsored, he created the Yargo Trail Crew (YTC).

YTC is under the Friends of Georgia State Park nonprofit umbrella. Here was an opportunity through trail maintenance to make a real world connection to students and environmental studies. Routing and repairing trails requires an extensive understanding of storm water and erosion control. Apalachee and Winder-Barrow students can sign up to help give back to their local park by visiting to volunteer to participate in work sessions. Large groups can even request a special work session for only their team/club. Making a difference!

What Did You Read This Summer?

Look at all of the summer readers from the annual Holsenbeck Elementary Reading Rocks Parade. Students who read 10 books over the summer got to march in the parade and all students and teachers were encouraged to dress as their favorite book characters. Holsenbeck appreciates the family support of their students and our community for helping to make this event so fun and successful! Pictures click here.
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