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Winners of Farm Bureau Essay Contest

Forty-nine students from Russell Middle School participated in the 2015-2016 Farm Bureau Essay Contest. The purpose of this year's essay was to encourage students to explore and to study how agriculture strives to meet increasing food demands through technology and other modern agricultural practices. Winners of the contest were as follows:

Madison Reeves (1st place), Jeremiah Hewett (2nd place) Ella Ramsell (3rd place). Currently, the 1st place essay of Madison Reeves has been submitted in the state-wide competition.

Pictured above: Jessica Mackey (Farm Bureau), Staci Hubbard (Farm Bureau), Jeremiah Hewett (2nd place), Madison Reeves (1st place), Ella Ramsell (3rd place), and Robin Blan (RMS teacher)

Café Westside

The sweet smell of brewing coffee is comforting, calming and welcoming. This feeling is commonly associated with book stores such as Barnes & Noble. Ms. Smith, the media specialist at Westside Middle School, wanted to recreate this feeling in Westside's Media Center. Her vision came to life in October 2015 with the opening of Café Westside.

To get the initial funding for the project, Ms. Smith utilized Donor's Choose ( Within two weeks the project was funded and the coffee makers and start-up supplies were sent to the school. The Café is open daily from 7-2 selling coffee, hot cider, hot cocoa, hot tea and flavored cappuccino. Fresh donuts are frequently available as well as an assortment of packaged snacks. Café Westside sells to the staff and students are allowed to purchase during a class visit to the media center.

Café Westside is operated by Ms. Smith, the media clerk, as well as the student library assistants. The students take orders, help prepare the drinks and deliver the drinks to teachers each morning. Westside's art teacher, Samantha George, produced a wonderful sign for the café as well as a reproducible logo. This year the café may utilize the logo on refillable café tumblers for a java discount! Café Westside has been a pleasing addition for the school promoting positive culture and climate as well as reinforcing student behavior.

The proceeds from the Café have gone towards replenishing supplies, expanding the menu and the purchase of library materials to promote reading. Ms. Smith invites you to stop by Café Westside for your favorite hot beverage and snack!

Veggie Patch for Elementary Students

Parents of Barrow County Elementary students. Our School Nutrition is very excited to offer the "Veggie Patch" as one of the options for lunch this year. Students can choose a salad without the salad. Based on plate waste, we found our elementary students choose the salad option for all the items on top and not for the lettuce. The lettuce generally goes in the trash. We are changing it up and offering them a protein; which can be hummus, cottage cheese, cheese sticks, or ham and cheese pinwheels. Along with the protein, they will get fresh finger food sized veggies; broccoli, carrots, celery, bell pepper, tomatoes, and/or cauliflower. We will also include a bag of whole grain goldfish crackers or other crackers. Children can also pick up fresh fruits and milk to complete their meal. Side salads will still be available. As soon as school is back in session, we will post pictures of these "Veggie Patch" picks for your perusal.

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We welcome your input. If you have questions, suggestions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us and share them by clicking on the eNews email link below.

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