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March 2016

In like a lion out like a lamb? March has plenty in store for us this year, and is beginning with wonderful spring weather.  This is the time of year to brush off the old hiking boots, and prepare for a fun filled new season.  Get ready because Buckeye has much planned for you!

Message from the Director:

We are pleased to have spring weather here finally, and we are in the process of cleaning up the trails.  We have trail maps for sale at Buckeye, Fred's, and the Visitors Center.  If you have any questions about a trail or looking for a reccomendation, please call 828-387-3003 or stop by Buckeye and we will help you out.  Enjoy the trails, and if you take any photos we would love for you to send them in to

March 26

Peter Cottontail is excited to see you on March 26, 2016 from 10 am - 12 pm. Join us for our Hoppy Easter Party and Egg-straordinary egg hunt.  There will be a light breakfast and games.  Please RSVP 828-387-3003.  

March Madness
March 2016
Click image for Bracket.

It's that time of the year already, March has arrived and basketball is in full swing. The Buckeye Recreation Center will be having a tournament of its own, to compete fill out a March madness tournament bracket which will be provided for you at the recreation center or at 

Turn in the filled out bracket by Thursday the 17th. 
The winner will receive one free personal training session. Good luck!

  Any questions please call 828-387-3003.
Outdoor Recreation
Outdoor Recreation Program
Beginning in April, Beech Mountain Parks and Recreation will be expanding on our outdoor recreation program offerings.   In addition to our guided hikes, new programs will expound on specific outdoor skills and Beech Mountain's natural environment.  Participants can look forward to learning everything from cooking up tasty treats around the campfire, to learning about birds, butterflies, and bears.  Programs will be offered indoor and out, and for all ages and abilities. This April we will kick off the season with our weekly Wildflower Walks.  Our spring wildflowers on Beech are a welcome sight of color to the mountain after a cold winter.  Our beautiful ephemeral flowers bloom rapidly, so join us for more than one walk to see the entire spectrum of blooms.  Be sure to tune in to our Facebook page, the Buzz, and our website for our monthly program schedule.  If you are interested in a specific topic or trip for school, civic, or other groups give us a call at the Buckeye Recreation Center. 

Weekly Wildflower Walks:  April 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
Spring wildflowers will be arriving at Beech, and there are new colors to see every week.
Join us at
the Buckeye Recreation Center, and we'll caravan up to the trail heads together.  We will travel at a leisurely pace up easy to moderate in difficulty trails. Please dress appropriately for outdoor conditions, wear sturdy shoes for hiking, and bring water with a light snack.  All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. This program is weather dependent. In the event of inclement weather, please join us at the Buckeye Recreation Center for a presentation indoors on our local edible and medicinal plants.  Please contact with questions or call 828.387.3003. 

Spring is near, and classes are a great excuse to get out of the house on a rainy day.  

March Schedule

Yoga Pose - Utkatasana (Chair Pose) 

This beginner pose helps with s
trengthening the ankles, thighs, calves, and spine.  Stretches the shoulders and chest.  Stimulates the abdominal organs, diaphragm, and heart. Also helps reduce flat feet. 

 How to perform:
Stand with feet almost together.  Inhale and raise your arms over your head, while pushing the shoulders down and away from your ears.
Exhale and bend your knees, trying to take the thighs as close to parallel to the floor as possible.  The knees will project out over our feet, and the torso will lean slightly forward over the thighs until the front torso forms a right angle with the tops of the thighs.  Keep the inner thighs parallel to each other and press the head of the thigh bones towards the heels. 
Firm your shoulder blades against the back.  Take your tailbone down toward the floor and in toward your pubis to keep the lower back long. 
Stay here for 30 seconds to 60 seconds.  To come out of the pose, straighten your knees with an inhalation, lifting strongly through the arms.  Exhale and release your arms to your sides into the original standing position.  

Yoga class is every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 - 11 A
Winter Guided Hikes

March 17
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we will be hiking the Emerald Outback Trails. Don't forget to wear your green because on this day EVERYONE'S IRISH!
This is our last winter hike, but be on the lookout for Guided Summer Hikes coming soon!

Any questions or concerns please call (828)387-3003
Town Talk
Code Red
Click Image to Register
The Town of Beech Mountain is encouraging citizens to register for CodeRED. CodeRED is a communication service that allows us to quickly notify citizens about emergency situations through the choice of a phone call, text message and/or email notification.  The system is capable of sending messages to specific areas in the Town that are being impacted or, if need be, the entire community. 

What kinds of situations will CodeRED be used?
The Town of Beech Mountain will use the CodeRED system to notify citizens about emergencies such as:
severe weather, with severe weather warning notifications being issued within seconds after being issued by the National Weather Service. Weather notifications are issued for the immediate threats of severe thunderstorm warnings, flash flood warnings and tornado warnings.  Other emergency notifications will include:
  • BOLOs (Be On Look Out)
  • Utility outage
  • Road closures due to accidents
  • Missing/Lost person
  • Chemical spill or gas leak
  • Other emergency incidents where rapid and accurate notification is essential

Trail of the Month
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Buckeye Recreation's Outdoor Crew has recommended Wild Iris which is located off of Cherry Gap Road or Bear Paw Road.  This trail is a loop, and mostly flat.  It is wonderful this time of year to see all the flowers begin to bloom, and you can see through the canopy for a beautiful view.  
Word of the Month


To suppress or crush completely. 
To overcome or allay.  

When it first came into existence, the verb quell actually meant "to murder." That's a bit more serious than our modern definition, but you can use that old definition to help you imagine offing your worries or putting a permanent end to criticism. These days quell is often used to mean "pacify," as in the police quelling an angry mob or a mom quelling a kid's temper tantrum.

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Ask Away

Saw something interesting while hiking on Beech? A curious critter you couldn't identify? Need tips and suggestions for the
outdoor life?  
Ask away to Outdoor Specialist Amanda Smithson and your question could be featured in the next Buckeye Buzz edition.
We look forward to your submissions!
Coming in May
May 21, the return of the Metric
2016 Summer Camp
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Save the Date!
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Save the date! June 10th begins the Cool 5 weekend.  We will have Taste of Beech on Friday June 10th, and the Cool 5 Race on June 11th. For more information please call Kate at 828-387-3003.
Be a Volunteer!
We need you to help with all of the events here at Buckeye.  If interested please call 828-387-3003
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