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  November 2015
Welcome to campus!


We are excited to have all our continuing students back in classes and to welcome our biggest incoming class!


I will be your point of contact in the Graduate School for the duration of your academic career at Northeastern University and look forward to  work with you. I hope my services will help make your experience in the program a positive one!


A little bit about me: I have lived in Boston for the past 6 years and was in California before that. I lived in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, and no, I don't prefer one city over the other, they are both fantastic for very different reasons! You may hear me speak French; I grew up in Switzerland and still visit every year. I do fit the clichés as I love good dark chocolate and flavorful cheese! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I hope you are looking forward to it as I am. 


Stop by the office with your questions or to introduce yourself as I look forward to getting to know you all a little better!


RegistrationSpring 2016 Course Registration


Spring 2016 registration opens  November 13, 2015 for all continuing students. 


On 11/12/15, the Registrar's office will email you a registration time ticket. Please check your husky email that day for your registration details. 


The Spring 2016 class catalog is now available on MyNEU


I hope that you had the chance to meet with your academic advisor to discuss your class choices. If not, I advise you set up a meeting with your advisor as soon as possible. This will give you the opportunity to check in with your advisor and ensure that you are taking courses aligned with your goals and program requirements. Your program requirements, can be found, in the Graduate Catalog for your term of entry.


If courses you are interested in carry a registration restriction, you will need to  complete a Registration Override Request Form. Please read all instructions on the form to ensure it is complete before submitting it to our office. The form may require multiple signatures. We can process most override forms prior to registration opening so, please submit your Override Registration Request Form as soon as possible. 

Dissertation Thesis and Dissertation
Submission deadline: 5PM on December 14, 2015
A hard copy of the final approved version of your Thesis or Dissertation, with all required signatures, must be submitted to 130 Snell by 12/14/15. The GSE will facilitate final review by the Associate Dean.
Students submitting their Thesis or Dissertation after this date will be required to register for Thesis/Dissertation Continuation in the Spring 2016 term (if planning to graduate in May 2016). Tuition is charged at 1 semester hour for this course.

Publishing Deadline: Midnight on December 19, 2015
Once final approval and a signature from the Associate Dean of the Graduate School has been received, your Thesis or dissertation must be published using the ProQuest Publishing system by the deadline to qualify for the January degree conferral.

GSE Student Services has created a "COE Guide to the Preparation and Submission of Theses and Dissertations".  This document describes the steps needed to prepare to graduate with a Thesis or Dissertation.

Boston Happening in Boston 


Summer is now behind us but Boston still has lots to offer!




Free (or almost free) Activities

A Few Ideas

Northeastern University Main campus colorful in Fall
In This Issue


The application to graduate is now open. If you plan on graduating this term, please log into your MyNEU and complete the application to graduate found under the Self-Service tab as soon as possible. 
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Visit our Student Services
Support Center: Click on the "Email Us" link on the bottom right. 

Walk-in Hours:

Mon, Wed, Thur 2-4pm in 130 Snell. Please sign in when you arrive.

Make an Appointment: 

Request an appointment using our online scheduling system available here. 

Calendar Important dates:   
  • 11/11/15: Veteran's day, GSE office closes
  • 11/13/15: Spring 2016 Priority registration opens 
  • 11/16/15: Spring 2016 General registration opens
  • 11/25-29/15: Thanksgiving recess
  • 12/12/15: Last day of Fall 2015 classes
  • 12/13/15: Last day to drop a class with a W grade. 
  • 12/14/15:First day of final exams and deadline to submit thesis and dissertation to GSE
  • 12/19/15: Last day of finals and deadline to publish thesis and dissertation
  • 12/20/15: Winter recess begins
  • 12/22/15: Grades available on MyNEU

  • 12/24/15-1/3/16: GSE office closes
  • 1/8/16: January Conferral date
  • 1/11/16: Spring 2016 classes start
Safety Stay Safe:   


Safety Escort Service - University Police provides an overnight escort shuttle service to student. Please visit this link for more information: Campus Police Website.