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President's Message 
Clint D. Owen  
Vice President 
October has arrived which normally means cooler weather, shorter days and leaves turning those magical colors. "Not so fast", to quote Lee Corso on ESPN during the Saturday Game Day show. Most of Texas has experienced excessive rain fall in the spring, extended heat this summer met with lack of rain, drought conditions and most recent in North and Central Texas, flooding rains again; meaning I still have to mow the yard! Slow to come but I think fall is finally upon us!!

As we all know fall normally signifies football and I have noticed a trend that most conversations, business and personally start with something about our little league team, our college team and or our favorite pro team on what happened that weekend or what will happen in the next game (basic trash talking). I recall in my travels this summer seeing team shirts on fans 6-8 weeks out from the season with anticipation of great things to happen.

Using Marketing's Playbook to Engage Patients Financially 
by Kristen Jacobsen, Director of Marketing 
Revenue cycle leaders at the HIMSS Revenue Cycle Solutions Summit in Chicago talked about key challenges facing the industry. They tackled tough topics, including ICD-10 and the growing complexity of collecting patient balances. They talked with consistency about the need for change, the goal of patient centricity and the importance of metrics to track payment performance.

It struck me that many proven tactics marketers use to engage potential consumers can help financial leaders improve results in the patient-pay revenue cycle. Marketers consider demographics, personas, channels, messaging, conversion rates and more to tailor communications that drive results. That model can prove effective for patient financial engagement as well, leading to better experiences for patients and better financial results for the provider.

Leadership Series: The Consumer Experience | Kevin Kumler

1. During your career you've represented healthcare providers and healthcare companies. How have you seen the patient experience evolve since you started?

Considering there was no iPhone, mobile apps, or Facebook when I first started out, there have been fundamental shifts in the world as well as in the healthcare industry.

In looking at the broader changes since then, technology has advanced at an unprecedented rate. It has helped us do things we're already doing better and faster, and allowed us to do things we could never do before. It also allows us to solve patient problems that have been persistent pain points since I started in the industry in the '90s.

These new experiences across all other consumer industries have conditioned patients to expect the same levels of choice, immediacy, and personalization when it comes to their care. While patients used to be a passive participants, they've since shifted to become more informed and empowered. In healthcare today, patients have started to play a more active role and they 'get a vote'.
Getting to the Essentials in Evaluating Value/Risk Contracts

By Debra L. Ryan and Andrew S. Cohen 
Transition of the nation's healthcare system toward a value-based business model requires healthcare providers to move toward value-based contracts and care delivery models. Twenty-two percent of hospital and health system leaders anticipate such contracts will constitute 50 percent or more of their payment arrangements within 24 months, up from 7 percent of those leaders six months ago, according to a recent Kaufman Hall survey.

Under many value-based contracts, organizations accept greater financial risk by agreeing to deliver defined services to a specified population at a predetermined price and quality level. Organizations must develop a contracting and corresponding care delivery strategy that involves careful planning, skills development, and a phased approach. Thorough assessment of contracting options and specific contracts is essential.

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